Flattering Fitness Wear, How To Work Out In Style

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Looking good and wearing stylish clothes while exercising can help a great deal with motivation and confidence. It might even improve your workout performance! What can make a girl more excited to hit the gym than some nice, comfortable, stylish fitness wear?

Yoga Pants
It’s always a good idea to own a great pair or two of leggings. They’re super comfortable, practical and can look amazing on just about everyone. They’re perfect for yoga and Pilates.

Fitted Tops
Don’t wear baggy, oversized shirts if they make you feel sloppy and unmotivated. Choose modern, tight fitting tank-tops and shirts. In some cases, it’s also smarter to wear tighter clothes since they can give you and your instructor a better idea of your posture and performance.

nora gouma, work out, fitness wear, model on a mission

Good Footwear
Footwear can make or break your workout routine. If you’re a runner, choose comfortable running shoes and never compromise your comfort for looks in this case. Instead, choose appropriate shoes in fun color that will make you not only exercise well in your fitness wear but also look good!

Hair and Makeup
Believe it or not, makeup and gym are not mutually exclusive. You can wear a little concealer and a waterproof mascara, put your hair in a high ponytail or a cute bun, and you will look fabulous!

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