Fashionista’s Travel Packing List

Imagine a photo with the Eiffel Tower and the City of Light in the background, and you standing in front of them wearing sweatpants. Not an acceptable sight for a fashion-conscious girl. Whether you are on a weekend break in a world metropolis, or on a 3-month backpacking tour around Europe, you should never allow yourself to walk around in your gym clothes. This list will help you pack for any trip so that you look as chic as ever, even when you do not have your entire wardrobe at your disposal. Obviously, a vacation on a beach and in a ski resort require certain alterations to be introduced on the list, but the rules are always the same.

First – the baggage

Whether you prefer the hard-case or fabric suitcases, make sure they are durable and lightweight, since you will be carrying them around a lot. Always opt for a 4-wheel version, preferably with the wheels spinning in all directions. Your bags should contain many compartments and pockets, so you could organize your stuff better. Stuff sacks are very handy travel accessories that can compensate the lack of compartments. Use them to separate different types of clothing, or pre-prepared outfit combinations. Always roll your clothes to minimize the wrinkling.

Layer Up!

Layered clothes are your best friend on any travel. Especially if you are going to some corner of the world where the seasons change from hour to hour. Do not take up the space in your bag with shorts or bulky sweaters, since they are useless in these situations. Instead, pack pieces to which you can easily add tights or a light jacket, like skirts, dresses, and shirts.


Black is Eternal

Paint your suitcase black. Bringing mostly black clothes will make things easier in terms of combining. Plus, black colour is very flattering for all body shapes. Skinny black pants are a must-have, as well as a black belt, and a black T-Shirt. Apart from black, a variety of neutrals are also acceptable. They are an excellent base on which you can further build up infinite styling options.

The Power of Jeans

Regardless of the cut and length, jeans are always fashionable. They are also very versatile and can be dressed up or down with just a pair of tights and a smart jacket. Make sure you pack at least one pair of jeans. Even a shorts would do on a cold day if you pair it with tights and boots.

Flats above All

Who says flats cannot be chic? Besides, your feet will be thanking you after a day-long walk if you leave your pumps at home. If you really cannot go without high heels, at least pack your wedges with ankle straps, to avoid a broken heel and a sprained ankle. Additional tip: put shoe cushions into every pair of travel shoes. They can make a difference between happy and bleeding feet.

Minimize the Accessories

A belt, a timepiece, and a pair of shades is all you need while travelling. The more accessories you bring, the more belongings you will have to worry about. To add colour and vivacity to your outfit, scarf up. Scarves are not just very hip, but they are also very functional, since they provide warmth.

What is on your travel packing list?


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