Sequin bodycon dress + mirrored sunglasses

“Make a statement with this sequin bodycon dress.”

I always wanted a sequin bodycon dress, but I wanted something else than the standard gold or silver colored sequin dress. They are still beautiful but I was looking for a more daring color. When I found out about the online shopping site I was amazing with the diverse bodycon dresses.

Blue statement dress
This blue sequin dress has a nice pattern and a round neckline. You can wear this with high heels or flats. What I like most about the dress are the long sleeves, because on colder days you can wear this sequin bodycon dress too.  I wear it with a black legging and high heels it is surprisingly comfortable to wear, the material is heavy and from good quality. I paired it up with my favorite mirror glasses in blue to create an edgy look.

Why you need sequins in your wardrobe 
Sequins are elegant and feminine there is just no fashion season without sequins. Sequins are trendy all year round, no matter what season it is, season makes you sparkle a little more! Of course there are days you want to tone it down a bit, I think the blue sequin bodycon dress is perfect for a dinner date or a night out with your friends.

How to wear sequins during the day
If you want to tone it down wear your sequin dress with a nice blazer that is made in a neutral color like black or white. Instead of wearing high heels you can wear cute ballet flats to  make your look a bit less sexy and more feminine and cute. You don’t have to look over the top glamorous but adding a little sparkle during the day will definitely make you feel more confident!

sequin bodycon dress


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