Essential Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

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If you want to go on a fun adventure, you should try a road trip. But if you want to spice it up with a bit more excitement, do it on your motorcycle. 

Though it may seem like going on a road trip may be a spontaneous journey, in reality, it is not like that. If you want to have a pleasant trip, being prepared is always a good idea, so instead of making rash decisions, here are some tips on how to plan your first motorcycle road trip

Pack everything you might need 

Although you might think that you need a lot of things, you would be surprised at how minimal your packing list might look when you only want to bring the essentials. 

For example, any gear like cool motorcycle goggles that would aid in safety is always welcome on your list, especially headgear. 

If you want to make sure not to get over packed, here is a little tip: whatever cannot fit in your bags and compartments on your motorcycle is not worth bringing. If you do not have a lot of space on your bike, think about investing in on-bike cases because carrying a backpack, especially if you are planning to have a long ride, is not a good idea because it may cause back pain. 

Make sure to bring a first-aid kit, but you won’t need the full thing. Make sure to have everything you need to fix up scratches or cuts, like bandages and plasters. 

Also, one crucial thing about packing your clothes is to always check a weather forecast for every place where you might pass on your way to your destination. But also include a few extra outfits just to make sure that you can be prepared for the unexpected. For example, you may not see rain on the weather forecast, but that does not mean that it cannot surprise you. 

Plan the entire trip

Although a long drive on your motorcycle may seem overwhelming once you start planning your trip, if you plan wisely, it is very doable. Figure out what your destination is, but take into consideration the roads, as well. It is not really enjoyable to ride a big motorcycle on a busy road. Do not be too ambitious on your first trip. A short one-day ride may be a perfect start of a beautiful hobby, so do not ruin your future by exhausting yourself. Find a route that you will enjoy, and that will not cause too much stress. 

Breaks are the most important part of your trip

It is not very wise or safe to ride a motorcycle when the only thing that is keeping you awake is the sixteenth cup of coffee you had that day. Riding a bike for a long time is very tiring for your brain and body, even though you are just sitting all day. Our brains need a lot of energy to be in a focused mode, even if we are not particularly physically active. Do not think that you do not need breaks because you did not get tired after 500 km, because you do. Take regular breaks at designated spots, be it a nap, a food break, or stretch your legs. Road trips are not only about the destination but the whole experience, including your ride. 

Earplugs save lives

Riding a bike is a very loud hobby, but add the traffic noise to all that, and you get quite big of a headache. Earplugs can help you with that. Always have a pack on your motorcycle in case you lose the pair in your ears. 

If you love adventures, a road trip on your motorcycle might be what you need. If you have friends who are interested in joining you, there is nothing better than experiencing the beauty of the road with the company. 

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