Choosing the right prom dress for your body type

It’s natural to stress about your prom and whether you’ll look your best on the night. After all, for most people, this is a big occasion and something you want to get right. It creates lasting impressions on people you may never see again.

It’s not just a big occasion, prom is also a great time to dress up and look fantastic. It’s surprising how few opportunities there are to do this in life.

Before you click here and take a look at some of the most stunning prom dresses currently available, you should consider which dresses best suit your body type.

The Rectangle Body

If you have this body type then your waist, hips, and bust are all approximately the same size. In short, you need to add definition to your body. That’s why you should look at prom dresses which sit on just one shoulder. Add in a flared skirt to emphasise your waist and you’ll look and feel fantastic.

The Triangle

If you have a triangle body then your shoulders are generally narrower than your hips. This is a great body type to adopt the classic prom dress, such as those you would expect Cinderella to wear. You can also opt for an off-the-shoulder look but make sure the dress emphasises a waistline.

An Apple Body Type

Apple body types have wide shoulders and wide waists. These are perfectly complimented with slim legs. You’ll find that a shorter dress works well, drawing attention to your legs. But, the best approach for your prom is to choose a long dress with a deep slit up the side. This will still draw attention to your legs and elongate your body. But, at the same time, it will lightly tease.

The Hourglass

This classic body type is increasingly referred to as curvy. It’s one of the most desirable body types and means your bust and hips are roughly the same sizes, while your waist is smaller.

The great thing about this body type is you can wear almost any dress. But, to really set pulses racing, opt for a cinched-in look which ensures your waistline is defined, emphasizing your stunning figure.

You can notch it up a level by choosing a tight-fitting top half of the dress and flowing bottom half. 

Pear Body Shape

If this is you then your bust will be smaller than your hips. This means your perfect dress will draw more attention to your shoulder and less to your waist and legs. You’ll want to choose a flowing bottom half and an off-the-shoulder look or a deep V. This will make your shoulders look broader, balancing your body and leaving you looking fabulous.

Petite Figures

If you’re petite then you’ll want to look taller as this will help you feel more glamorous. The good news is it’s easy, just show plenty of leg and you’ll instantly look taller. Naturally, it’s best to avoid showing too much on your shoulder, you want the attention on your legs.

Taller Bodie

If you are tall you may want to appear slightly shorter; But? You shouldn’t! Instead, own your height and wear a fitted full-length dress with a side slit to emphasise just how stunning your look is.

In all cases, take the time to try on several prom dresses before you commit. You will want to get this one right.

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