Places You Can Work Remotely For Free

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Over the past few years, working remotely has become commonplace due to the pandemic. If you’re in London, not every home is conducive for online work. Sure, some digital nomads try to work remotely in some coffee shops and restaurants, but for the average remote worker, this isn’t as simple.

London is quite the working city, offering many places where you can work remotely in silence, without simultaneously racking up a crazy tab at the bar.

Here are four places you can work remotely for free around London and how you can consistently access them when you need to. These remote work tips should help you make the most out of your ‘workspace’.

1. The British Library, Euston Road

The British Library is located in London’s Euston Road, along the original site of the Midland Railway in Somers Town. It is the national library of the United Kingdom and is one of the world’s largest libraries, with over 200 million items including books, journals, newspapers, maps, music, patents, stamps, prints, drawings, photographs, manuscripts, and archival material.

The library was founded in 1973, initially as a part of the British Museum. If you’re tired of working from home, this is a fantastic place, primarily because it is quiet and simple. If your job requires you to work in quiet, with little to no video calls and zero collaboration, this is the place to go.

Getting access to the most expansive library of research materials and articles might also give you the edge you need. All you need is a free reader’s pass to access the library, which you can get through an appointment on their website.

2. Hotel Lobbies, Various

Hotel lobbies are where remote workers go when they want to socialize and unwind. It’s nice to sit in these lobbies alone and work. Most hotel lobbies are open for public use, with WiFi available from the reception area.

Several hotel lobbies allow non-guests to use their locations as their working space. These generally have comfortable seating arrangements and provide a remote worker-friendly environment, together with a central location where everyone can work.

Hotel lobbies are quiet places with free WiFi, giving you a chance to work remotely in peace. The lobby is also a great place to catch up with friends or colleagues. Some hotels, like The Hoxton, The Hampton, and Mercure London Bridge, provide these spaces, as long as you follow COVID-19 health protocols.

Some hotels also offer co-working spaces for guests, so you’ll never be without a place to work. Some hotels also offer access to conference rooms for meetings. Take advantage of hotel lobbies and get the most out of every visit. You’ll find that they have many perks that you can use with very little to no cost.

3. Tate Modern, Bankside

Tate Modern is a modern and contemporary art museum on the South Bank of the Thames. It offers a variety of art genres, from early 20th-century British painting to contemporary art. The Tate Modern is a landmark art institution that lets you work remotely in without a lot of distractions.

It has comfortable seating arrangements that can accommodate many people, together with free WiFi and conference facilities. Tate Modern is obviously a space primarily designed to showcase art, so it’s distraction-free in general. However, if you need to talk on the phone or Zoom, there are ample opportunities to do so.

Tate Modern also has a fantastic view of the River Thames, making it an excellent place to get inspired. They have delicious food available in their cafe and bar where you can talk all you want. You can do your meetings and explore the area during your work breaks when you can.

4. The Wellcome Collection, Euston Road

A museum like The Wellcome Collection gives you a chance to relax, even if it is just for a couple of hours. The museum is free to enter and its library encourages people to “think and feel” with their art.

The museum has a wide range of exhibitions that showcase possibilities beyond the norm. The Wellcome Collection is an accessible museum that encourages people to explore, experiment, and collaborate. Some areas of the museum give you a perfect environment when you have to take small breaks. You can work in the museum and enjoy the museum’s offerings during breaks.

In addition, The Wellcome Collection is a fantastic place to work due to its ultra-comfortable sofas and free WiFi. If you pack lightly, it can be easy to move around in, do your job and enjoy their exhibitions simultaneously.

The Bottom Line

People working remotely need to strike the right balance of space and cost if they want to survive London. Using hotels or museums as your office can be the best way to avoid spending too much.

Hotels give you some privacy, together with WiFi and charging facilities. Getting access to these lobbies allows you to do jobs that require communication and collaboration. Use these suggestions so you can find the best free picks for remote work locations around London.

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