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Why should you buy from a luxury watch maker? What is that special element that sets them apart from the common watch makers? All watches do the same thing; keeping time. But watches made my luxury watch makers have more than one reason that differentiates them from common watch makers.

Let’s have a look on some of those reasons:

Excellent Craftsmanship:

It takes highly skilled watch makers many long hours to create luxury watches. A very high level of craftsmanship, skill, and precision is required to put together a luxury watch.

Usually, for a cheap mass-produced watch, it is rare that it would survive for five years.  But the top notch quality standards, materials used by luxury watch makers ensure that luxury watches can reliably keep the time for decades or more with few minor tune-ups every few years or so. When you consider the additional features like water resistance, aeronautical gauge etc. their epic reliability becomes more confirmed.


Luxury watch makers strive for high standards when it comes to a factor of innovation. Sometimes 10 months are needed to put together an intricate timepiece of basic model or two years for extremely complex pieces.

Luxury watch makers invest a lot of time in creating innovative watch designs and movements.

The artisans and testers employed by luxury watch makers dedicate their time in creating innovative timepieces and the uniqueness of them makes these watches cost more.

Luxury watches are few:

It takes a lot of craft and man hours to create a single luxury watch. Because of this, luxury watch makers produce these watches in fewer numbers that is why there are costly to purchase and produce too. Luxury watch makers create fewer quantities because these are superior to the common watches.


A luxury watch because of its long lifespan, top quality, and timeless value can be a very meaningful heirloom that could last for generations.

Tasteful and well-manufactured watches are those timeless pieces which can be treasured and passed down from father to son and further. Watches made by common watch makers lack such durability.

A luxury watch makes an ideal gift with the lasting quality for generations to come.


Luxury watches are expensive and though they hold true in being investments in the functional sense lasting many years, they are good investments also in the sense because they are made up of valuable materials which retain value with the passage of time. Common watch makers utilize lesser quality materials like plated alloys or plastics which can never gain a good resale price in the long run.

Subtle Standing Out:

A quality timepiece made by a luxury watch maker makes you stand out in the crowd. It is a subtle display of wealth. A classy timepiece gives you an ego boost.

Something you should surely invest if you can afford. People who appreciate luxury and details can recognize it easily. When paired with tasteful clothing, timepieces made by luxury watch makers are accessories that classify their wearers as successful subtly displaying wealth quietly but boldly enough.

Quality, durability, and innovation in designs are what set the luxury watch makers apart from the common watch makers. Affordability permitting, one should definitely invest in such watches, defining a high personal statement and own a timeless timepiece of great value.

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    I prefer to buy luxury watch because it has chic finish and robust design.You hardly find a masterpiece like it easily.

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