A Bride’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel


There are many ways you can employ to choose the right hotel accommodation for yourselves and your guests (family and friends you want to treat well, right?) – you want to give them the option of staying in a place that will present as much elegance and luxury as the actual venue. And, if it’s one and the same, all the better.

After you’ve chosen your hotel, you’re going to have to hope that their wedding coordinators know what they are doing – that they’ll listen to you, attend to your needs, be accessible and provide the service you’ll desperately need in this important time in your life. If you do choose a hotel like the Brighton Savoy, you’ll be pleased to know you’re going to be dealing with an expert who will put your needs ahead of anyone else’s (it’s the dream scenario many locals hope in, say, their city councils). Make sure to take a look at five magical ways in which your wedding can be especially memorable.

Some brides may fantasize about getting married at a far-away exotic beach location (they’re thinking Bali, Tahiti, Hawaii, Thailand, Vietnam…), but they aren’t thinking ahead or being particularly thoughtful. A destination wedding is special for you and your groom, but even your family will have to incur massive amount of financial burden if they have to travel that far away and then also find a place to stay. There are, exceptions – there were rumours that when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their ill-fated vows at a 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano – Cruise (and Scientology?) footed the bill for guests travel. But the majority of couples will struggle to get themselves there, let alone friends and family.

But the alternative is just as good, when you can elect to marry in Melbourne with the options provided in beautiful Brighton. Brighton is colourful and lovely, the people warm and engaging, and the location definitely resort and special. One of the easiest options in selecting a wedding hotel, getting blocks of rooms for guests to reserve – is to set up those wedding room blocks in the hotel where your wedding will be held at the location which is handling your ceremony.


Top Tips on Choosing a Hotel for Your Wedding Guests, Holding Blocks of Rooms, and More….

  • Amenities – Ask: does the hotel have Wi-Fi? Is there a cost? Do they have cable TV? What about parking – is it free or is there a fee?
  • Location – If you’re not actually at the wedding venue, choose a location as close as possible. If guests can’t walk to the venue, make sure they don’t have to incur more costs with an expensive rental car, taxi fees or Uber rates.
  • Transportation – You might consider renting vans to transport guests from the hotel to the venue.
  • Budget – Your family and close friends may be prepared to splurge on accommodations for your wedding, but please don’t expect all guests are able and/or willing to do so.
  • Blocking – Block or reserve half the amount of rooms for the total number of out-of-town guest (be sure you’re estimating with those who’ve confirmed attendance). Know the difference between “courtesy” and “guaranteed” – you’ll incur fees with the latter.

By choosing a great hotel, you can give your wedding guests an added treat.


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