Cable TV and the Rise of Streaming Devices: A New Era of TV Viewing

In the new era of TV viewing, TV as a device and as a source of entertainment has changed. From mounting over the wall in your living room, the TV has now become a small portable device in your pocket. As on-the-go entertainment is becoming more common, it is very important to track down the cause. Some people claim that it points out the rise of online streaming while others say that it points out that the days of traditional cable TV are gone for good.

No matter what you claim or what might be the reason, it is safe to say that both online streaming and cable TV are active in full swing. Moreover, both online streaming and cable TV are trying to adapt based on the needs and wants of the customers. Bloomberg claims that TV streaming has started to look a lot like traditional cable TV. On the contrary, NBC News claims that TV streaming will soon take over cable TV. These contradictory beliefs are also backed by data yet these claims stand strong.

Regardless of what you choose, it is safe to say that a good cable TV will help you enjoy all the perks you get in a good online content streaming site and a lot more. With the right cable TV service, you will get a much better channel lineup, built-in content streaming sites along with on-demand title streaming option. If you are currently looking for a cable TV service that offers all these features and more, you need to check out

Are Content Streaming Sites Taking Over Cable TV?

Based on a recent study, the screen time of an average person has increased by 47%. Screen time mainly consists of the time spent on the mobile phone, tablet, kindle, or any other screen. However, this does not include the time spent in front of the laptop for the sake of work. This increase in screen time indicates that people are not spending time in front of the TV.

Survey Monkey states that 60% of the users are not just relying on one source for entertainment i.e. cable TV and streaming sites. Instead, they are using both. However, the survey further elaborates that within the next year, the majority of these viewers will drop their cable TV service. However, the only thing that is saving cable TV is the complete bundles including multiple advantages, online content streaming sites as well as on den adoptions, and more.

Apart from this, cable TV is getting stronger in other domains mainly because it is bundled up with the internet, and offers much better service that stays uninterrupted. On the contrary, if you lose internet, all your entrainment sources will be compromised.  Content streaming sites are mainly winning because of the smart TV options because which allow them to stream shows, movies, concerts, and everything on the go. Based on a recent survey, it is said that out of ten, four families have online content streaming subscriptions i.e. Netflix, Amazon, or prime video.

Streaming Vs Cable TV – Who Is The Winner?

There is no doubt that online content streaming sites are taking the lead and more people are moving towards cutting the cord but it is safe to say that cable TV will always stay as the primary entertainment and news option. No matter what content streaming site you choose, you will get a good collection of content but you will not be able to stay updated about the recent happenings and sports events.

This means that boomers Generation X and a big chunk of millennials who are invested in the news and sports still consider cable TV as the main entertainment option.

Similarly, generation Z prefers the idea of binge-watching. There is a high chance that in coming years content streaming sites will have a news and sports feature and only then the true dominance of streaming sites is possible. However, until then, it is safe to say that cable TV will prevail.

How are Price And Accessibility Changing The Content Industry?

There is no doubt that there is a huge price disparity between cable TV packages and content streaming sites’ subscriptions. Where you can pay somewhere between 9-15 dollars for the content streaming you might have to go up to 60 dollars or more for cable TV. Price is one of the main reasons more people try to cut the cord and move towards content streaming sites.

Similarly, accessibility is further helping with the cord-cutting movement. In some areas, availability is not restricted but as long as you have good internet, you can easily stream content anywhere you want. Even in remote areas where satellite internet is the only option, you can still stream content without thinking about the availability of cable TV.

Bottom Line

Content streaming sites and cable TV both have different target audiences and different functions so it is safe to say that both services will continue to work even in the next few years. However, in the near future, it is expected that bundling of content streaming sites will become more common which will allow people to have access to a much better and vast content library.

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