Blu Rose Organics cruelty free beauty products

I have had a love for natural cosmetics for years, but I am also a huge beauty enthusiast who likes to try new brands and products. There is a whole movement going on in which more and more people are thinking about healthier and better choices when it comes to food and beauty products

If you are interested in what you put on your skin and you want to take care of your bathroom cabinet, then reading ingredient lists is recommended. Just like with food, you cannot rely on the front of a package. Turn the product over and read that fine print! The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the faster you can distinguish a “good” from a “bad” product.

Cruelty Free

I think animal testing for cosmetics is absolutely unnecessary, especially with today’s techniques. Blu Rose Organics is one of these brands that shares this vision. Their philosophy is to use only natural ingredients with zero animal cruelty involved. They donate 10% of all sales to the Humane Society. The Blu Rose Organics products are 100% organic without synthetic pesticides.

No synthetic ingredients

Another reason to avoid synthetic ingredients like hard alcohols, plastics and parabens is because they actually dry out the skin. They can even disrupt hormones or trigger allergic reactions. Blu Rose Organics only uses the best natural ingredients that are great for sensitive skin.

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