Interesting Facts About Freycinet National Park Accommodation in TAS

Preserving the natural wildlife and adjacent nature is one of the things Australia does well. This is why the majority of the Island harbour an immense array of nature and ecoregions. This place, built around the pristine Antarctic territory and rainforests has 40 diversely spread ecoregions across all 334 islands and the mainland.

As such, both mining and agriculture are principal uses of the land, and preservation in this land involves looking after many types of natural landscape including the Great Barrier Reef, which is the worlds largest coral reef system. Native animals, National parks and forests are also part of these conservation efforts.

When you visit Aussie and stay in any part of the North, South East or West, you are offered luxurious accommodation from some of the best hotels and lodges in the heart of these magnificent locations, you can enjoy staying there while you learn about the environment you’re in and perhaps lend a helping hand too. There is much to learn from this vast and intelligent setting.

The more you learn and know the wiser you will be and the better chance of you spreading this wisdom to future generations. We take a look at some of these aspects that you can include in your itinerary.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef itself deserves an entire article about it on its own, as this remarkable gift of nature is not only breathtakingly beautiful but holds in the palms of its hands some of the most exquisite sun-soaked beaches, and clear turquoise water, a popular endpoint for scuba diving, snorkelling, helicopter and aircraft tours, glass-bottom boat viewing, and many educational trips used as a means of enlightening the future generation about the importance of looking after our environment.

Based in Queensland, it is also considered one of the seven wonders of the world, and when this 3000km Marine Park is looked at from a bird’s eye view, anyone can comprehend and appreciate why it has been given this title. If you’re interested to learn more about this captivating place, click here.

This is a protected area along with 14 other ecoregions that surround it. Some of the marvels it offers include fossil sites such as the Naracoorte and Riverleigh, The Greater Blue Mountains Area, the Central Eastern Rainforest reserves, Lord Howe Island and Purnululu National Park, the Wet Tropics and Shark Bay, Tasmanian or TAS wilderness, Willandra Lakes Region and Cape Range Peninsula, to name just a few of these places.

In that stretch of the 3000 kilometres where that the Barrier Reef exists, it houses 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands in an area that stretched over 340,000 square kilometres. It is so large that is can also be seen from outer space on a clear day and known as one of the worlds single structure that has been completely created by organisms alone.

The only human involvement in this space is the Aquatic Park that surrounds the reef which has intentionally been built to protect it from several aspects such as excessive tourism and fishing which has had an environmental impact because of industrial pressures on the reef that include runoffs, massive dumping and bleaching. Also, sludge being poured into the waters is detrimental to the marine life and ecosystem.

In March of 2015, the Australian government along with Queensland formed this protection plan to preserve this reef till at least 2050. Which proposes many measurements and improvements put in place together with a long-term sustainability plan. Known as the “Reef 2050 Plan”, the material of which can be found here:

Freycinet Native Animals and National Parks

This other side of the land conservation efforts is directed towards the Freycinet Nature Reserves and National Parks. This is another marvel that the Australian authorities take pride in and just like the Barrier Reef, these too, are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Lush forests and red jagged cliff, some with pink granite and others with black volcanic rock, surround the lush green of the land.

This region has 6 Commonwealth National Parks and 58 Marine Parks. These environments protect some of the countries aboriginal legacy which has been around for decades and in some parts is still strong and celebrated. Not to mention there is also luxurious accommodation option available right in the heart of this green space, for example, the Saffire Freycinet that is surrounded by the national park and has the Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, at the doorstep. There is nothing quite like being in the midst of all the action amidst the wildlife and forests, to absorb and appreciate the experience.

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The diversity of this Peninsula is a theatrical one with sheltered bays and rocky coves on one side and sandy beaches on the other side, it almost feels like it is set up just like a stage, by people, but it is not, this is what nature has done for us to enjoy. The Hazards, which are the pink granite mountains rises dramatically from the turquoise waters and is hard to miss. When going on an exploration trek of this land the view from the top is highly recommended.

The waters of this Bay get regular visitors, including whales, wallabies, echidnas, dolphins and fur seals, especially during the winter months. Another must-see is the hundreds of species of bird-life in the air such as sea-eagles and gannets diving for food into the ocean. To top it all you are greeted by wildflowers everywhere you go.

As part of the conservation efforts of this region, it has been strictly forbidden to feed any wildlife, as they can injure you when taking the food out of your hands, some such as possums or the Tasmanian devil himself can become a nuisance and start stealing food from campgrounds, or can damage your equipment. Feeding the ducks or birds can lead to the domestic species displacing the native species. All these animals can easily get dependant on humans for food and stop instinctively looking for it in the wild themselves. Plus, their diet is not like ours, so it could make them sick.

The above is just a few of the things you can get to be a part of when visiting Tasmania and the Freycinet Peninsula. Always know that Knowledge is power!

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