Best Fashion Model Diet Tips For Any Aspiring Model

fashion model diet tips

Talking about hydration, of all my fashion model diet tips, drinking water is the most important.

Being a fashion model entails a lot of hard work and discipline. You will be surprised at what supermodels eat in a day. Fashion model diet tips can you help you loose weight. But if you are not ready to change your eating habits, then you are doomed to fail. Requirements in the modeling career are very strict; especially in fashion modeling. Which is understandable because the fashion designers need a constant body to design outfits for.

Understand How Your Body Works

From basic biology, digestion helps your body to breakdown all the food particles you ingest. If you can’t achieve proper digestion, you are in trouble. For this reason, as a supermodel, it’s important not to combine proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. Forget what you learnt in science, you can balance the diet in separate intakes. This article is more of a cheat’s sheet to what supermodels eat in a day. For your information, combining the two will not only impede digestion, but they will also give your stomach gas, constipation and bloating. That is the last thing you need when you should be training in the runaway, right?

Start Light In The Morning

For normal human beings, we are always advised that a heavy breakfast and light dinner is how you should go. While that is true, it works quite the opposite with super models. In the morning, start with a glass of hot lemon water followed by a smoothie after 30 minutes. The smoothie will be your source of energy, and it will balance your body cells pH.

At lunch time, a vegetable salad should be on your menu. At this point, it’s ok to throw in a few proteins. Grilled salmon is an excellent choice. Finally, dinner is where you eat like a king. A salad made of green vegetables should be a good starter for you. Then you proceed with a hearty entrée. A good example would be fish with roasted vegetables or a bowl of grains with generous vegetable portions. Then you can wind up with a low carb desert.

Bottom Line fashion model diet tips

And that’s all there is to what supermodels eat in a day. However, if you are struggling with snacking in between, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make sure every snack counts. In addition, avoid nuts at all costs. They will weigh heavily on your digestive system and keep you dehydrated.

Talking about hydration, of all my fashion model diet tips, drinking water is the most important. But don’t drink too much water during meals. It will end up washing away the essential nutritional elements in your food.

As a model, you can be ingenious and explore the different areas of the fashion industry. Some models experiment with one specialized category, while others try out multiple types of modelling. Here is another great resource to read on types of models.

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