Interview with Lisa Mamola founder of Indo Exotics


Us, women can always look even more fabulous if we carry the right handbag.

What inspired you to start your business?
Just like most girls are, I have always been and still am into fashion. Now I can say that:

“I do what I love and do a lot of it” Marc Jacobs

I was born and grew up in Indonesia and now I am a proud US citizen, my goal was always to have a business between these two countries. When I found out that Indonesia has a lot of snakes and other exotic animals, I decided to start the handbag business using only those types of skins. My motto in business is always to make my customer happy and satisfied here in the US with their purchase, by providing a good quality and unique handbags using ONLY exotic leather but also I wanted to help my Indonesian people and help them to support their families. Because of these reasons, in 2015 with a full support from my husband, Joe, I started the company.


What is the brand’s philosophy?
This is true that with self-confidence, we are never out of style but I truly believe that “Us, women can always look even more fabulous if we carry the right handbag.”

What makes your products different or unique?
Hand picked skins. All our bags are handmade from our small workshops, not a large factory or high output facility.

Most handbags are limited quantity, especially because some skin types and colors are rare.  Some bags, like our Pirarucu handbag, are limited to only 5 or less because of the skin size.

We use a custom black jacquard fabric lining found only in high-end bags.  Indo Exotics lining is both stain and water resistant and you because the lining has our name, you know it’s an authentic product.

What other exotic materials do you work with besides snakeskin?
Snake skin especially pythons represents the majority of the products we make but we do use other type of leather like Lizard, ostrich leg, alligator, crocodile and other snakes (cobra, water snakes).  For our bracelets we sometime use alligator and crocodile skin from high-end vintage handbags.  Our most recent type of exotic leather is the Pirarucu fish which comes directly from the Amazon.  The Pirarucu fish is among the largest fresh water fish in the world and has a very unique look and visible texture that usually generates a question like “what is that material?”


Whats your favorite bag so far?
I like all my bags and treat them like my babies. I designed them with love and I can’t never pick or choose any of them because each one is special in many ways to me.

What’s your most popular bag?
The two sizes weekenders. They are very large, simple but also an attention getter. When I design a bag I always think “comfort” so comfort first, comfort last and comfort always. Our weekenders have all three.

How can one tell the difference between genuine snakeskin bags vs fake or embossed ones?
Once you see a synthetic python bag close up you will notice a lack of dimension and texture. From a distance it’s not so easy sometimes. Some synthetic snakeskin bags give the illusion of lift and texture by having an artificial shadow by each scale but when you are close there is no denying it. Snake skin, lizard and others skin we use might look delicate but they are incredibly strong and actually look better as they age.

Where can our readers find you online?
Our website

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