Benefits of Having a Spiritual or Religious Mentor

Growing as a spiritual and religious human being is an integral part of many women’s lives. A mentor can help you further develop in this part of your life.

Spirituality and religion are important parts of many people’s lives, especially women seeking to grow confidence and inner peace. Sometimes spirituality and religious beliefs overlap, and sometimes they don’t. Spirituality is an individualized practice related to peace and purpose. While a spiritual person may follow all the rules within a religion, some may choose to follow their own path. Likewise, a religious person who holds themselves to the organization of a specific religion may or may not also participate in spiritual practices that bring them peace and purpose.

If you are spiritual, religious, or a combination of the two, you should consider finding a spiritual or religious mentor. There are many benefits to having a mentor for this part of your life, especially if you are seeking to grow in your spiritual or religious beliefs.

spiritual or religious mentor

Role Model

No two people believe or live out their beliefs the same. However, a mentor with similar spiritual or religious beliefs can act as your role model in many facets of life. Their choices can mirror similar decisions in your life that you may not have considered, such as setting aside a specific time for yoga every day or asking your boss for religious accommodations. If you want to grow in your spiritual or religious walk but don’t know how, a mentor can show you.

Independent Accountability

How often have you promised yourself that you would do something and failed to follow through? Whether it was waking up early for yoga or signing up for a religious conference, you may have the best intentions but need the extra push. A mentor can provide accountability outside of yourself to ensure you follow through on decisions that can improve your spiritual or religious walk. This accountability will push you to grow in self-discipline and honesty, which are essential parts of many spiritual and religious beliefs.

Extra Encouragement

Trying to grow alone and go through life by yourself is one of the common mistakes every Christian should avoid since the Bible warns against it. Christianity isn’t the only religious or spiritual belief system that warns against doing life alone. For example, Buddhists put a great emphasis on learning from great masters in the faith. Social spiritualism also emphasizes how keeping company with others can positively affect spiritual growth. A mentor in any of these or other traditions can provide the encouragement you need to get through the challenging parts of life.

There are many benefits of having a spiritual or religious mentor, from guiding you through tough choices to encouraging you through life’s hard times. Reach out to someone within your spiritual or religious community and ask them to mentor you if you want to reap these benefits.

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