Barcelona luxury city guide: Where to go and what to do


Lovely Barcelona happens to be one of those travel destinations we travel to at least once in our lifetimes, and many return to experience this Catalonian capital over and over again. Why? Spacious sand beaches, good vibes, astonishing architecture, rich culture (rich nightlife too) and above anything else – plenty of unforgettable places to visit. Its marine is a place where every yacht owner would like to step by and its streets are something every adventurer at hart would like to explore. What makes Barcelona so special is abundance of luxury and architecture all combined with lovely sandy beaches and the smell of Mediterranean sea. Here are top 5 suggestions how you can make your Barcelona trip a luxury vacation to remember.

  1. Private luxury sailing: Barcelona sunset cruise

One of the most memorable ways to experience this Catalonian heaven is from the sea. Rent a yacht or a unique private wooden boat and watch the sunset over Barcelona. Just imagine you, glass of top quality champagne of fine Spanish wine, Mediterranean music, the smell of sea, and the unforgettable skyline. Book a last minute trip to Barcelona.

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  1. Private Sagrada Familia helicopter flight

Sagrada Familia is an unavoidable stop for everyone visiting the Catalonian capital. Its towers are astonishing from the ground, but even more breathtaking from the air! So go ahead and experience this Spanish landmark from the air from a helicopter, it’s an experience worth having and you’re gonna love it.

  1. Cava tasting tour

One of the most unique things you can do in this Spanish gem is try something that is exclusively Catalonian such is cava. This Spanish region is well known for quality wine and cava is something you absolutely must try. There are plenty of luxurious cava tasting tours in Barcelona and on the countryside available to help you experience s fine taste of Spanish luxury.

  1. Barcelona by car from the heart of the city to Tibidabo

One of the ways to experience Barcelona is by car, and not any just car, but a luxurious one. A city like Barcelona is a place to be explored. Rent one of these lovely cars and cruise downtown in style. It is a great way to see all the most important cultural places and get a full perspective of the city. You can explore all the amazing places such as Park Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Bastllo and many more, and reach Tibidabo, a mountain overlooking Barcelona.

  1. Fine dining & Tapas

Spain is well known for delicious cuisine which is why when visiting this city fine dining must be a part of your experience. This city offers some of the most luxurious restaurants where excellent chefs turn every meal into something truly special. Barcelona is known for tapas – small appetizers which are quite rich in variety. Lasarte and One Ocean Club are just among some of the luxurious places you can go to for dining and are truly worth it.

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