Best places for healthy and organic food in Marbella Spain


Marbella is a Mediterranean heaven, located in the Andalusia region, known for beautiful beaches, fabulous places to visit and delicious organic food, all unavoidable parts of experience when visiting this coastal city. After all, is there anything better than enjoying a beautiful vacation in Marbella and enjoying delicious and healthy specialties? Probably not. Marbella has a lot to offer and cuisine is no different. This is one of those cities where you can find top rated vegetarian, vegan and of course pescetarian restaurants. Here are top ten places you can visit when looking for healthy, organic food that will make your vacation even more enjoyable

  1. Playa Padre

If you are looking for summer on a plate, Playa Padre is the right place for you. Located near famous Marbella arch on the beach, is the new concept restaurant which has a lot to offer. Here, you can enjoy delicious organic food in a balinese bed, while enjoying the sun and the sea. The menu is rich with healthy foods and summer season delicacies, and guests can enjoy delicious pinaple salad, cooked lobster, tacos with kimchi dressing or Mexican totopos. The choice is huge, rich in fruit and fine salads, and delicacies made in this restaurant are something worth tasting.

  1. Rachel’s Eco Love

The very name of this lovely place speaks words – Rachel’s Eco Love is a restaurant, café, juice bar and bakery which is 100% organic as healthy is the imperative here. Here you can find anything, from pasta to smoothie and enjoy it in chill atmosphere. Avocado, zucchini, fruit-rich specialties, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian delicacies prepared in unique way – yes, all can be found here and everything is organic. Enjoy!

  1. Farmacy Marbella

Farmacy Marbella is a real gastro-paradise for all who are into gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian specialties. Here you can find organic-rich menu, fresh fruit and vegetables and enjoy your healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner in friendly atmosphere. Menu del Dia is there to open your appetite before the main meal and you can choose from delicious salads and variety of soups, all organic and super tasty.

  1. Organic Market Food

Another place where you can find super-healthy delicious food is Organic Market Food. Relaxing atmosphere and pet-friendly ambiance in combination with delicious organic food, such are rich salads, fresh fish, vegan burgers, tasty wraps, yucca chips, different pastas and fabulous sandwiches for which this place is famous for can truly reconnect you with nature. Even desserts are organic, which you will notice, as the flavors you try in Organic Market Food are unforgettable.

  1. Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine

Gioia Plant-Based restaurant is a place every vegan must go to. This is a completely vegan restaurant which serves mainly organic food and offers many gluten-free dishes as well. Here, you can also find all kind of different refreshing smoothies and sweet treats which are completely plant-based, as well as raw food specialties for all those raw food lover out there.



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