Fashionable Travel Clothes for an Island Vacation

There are over 2000 islands scattered around the world’s oceans. Many of these islands are warm tropical vacation destinations that can be your little slice of paradise.

If you are thinking of taking an island vacation you need to think about some fashionable travel clothes to take along with you. Travel fashion is a specific brand of comfortable and functional clothes ideal for your next adventure.

From fashionable travel backpacks to women’s and men’s travel fashion adventure pants, knowing what to bring along with you is important. Learn all about some awesome items for traveling in style and comfort right here.


When looking at your fashion travel options one of the most crucial things to bring along with you to an island destination is swimwear. For men this is easy, all you need is a fashionable pair of board shorts or two.

Swimwear-oriented travel fashion women can choose between is far more diverse. From bikinis to one-piece bathing suits, swimwear for women takes many forms.

Find something trendy, functional, and visually appealing that highlights your body’s natural form to get the best results.


If you are taking an island vacation chances are you will have plenty of fun in the sun. That said, sometimes you will need a break from its intensity. Hats provide the added protection you need from strong tropical UV rays.

Fashionable bucket hats can provide total protection but can be hard to pull off unless you are going for that “rugged adventurer” look. A flat-brimmed baseball cap of your choice should do fine for most people.

Fashionable Travel Clothes

For hot tropical island climates such as that of Rote Island Indonesia you will want loose-fitting and breathable clothes. Choose some that fit your tastes. Some people like vibrant colors and patterns while others like simple designs.

What Should I Look For?

Something you can wear over your swimwear to help block the sun, keep the chill off you at night and still look great. Try getting some loose-fitting yoga pants and shirts.

Bring along a sweatshirt or long-sleeve if you get cold or to ward off mosquito bites at night. That said, make sure it is made of a thin material to avoid overheating you or adding excess weight to your pack.

For When You Are Not on the Beach

You will also want a sturdy pair of pants, shoes, and a conventional t-shirt for when you are in go-mode. Choose your style around comfort and how visually appealing your clothes are to you.

For Business and Airports

Make sure to bring along at least one pair of business clothes for important meetings or if you need to go to a governmental office.

These don’t need to be anything fancy, just something you feel comfortable sitting on a plane in or wearing while meeting with officials.

Your Pack

Your pack is a functional fashion statement. Some people enjoy sewing flags of their past travel destinations onto theirs. Others prefer a more subtle approach to avoid standing out in crowded settings. Make your pack your creation.

Travel in Style

When you are on a vacation, having fashionable travel clothes can make you look and feel great. Pick some based on your unique individual taste but make sure they are functional and comfortable as well.

No matter where your next journey takes you, use the tips in this guide to select your travel wardrobe. That way you will stay stylish. To keep your mind sharp and informed make sure to check out other great content on our page.

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