Balayage, and other two tone hair extensions


Unlike ordinary tape extensions where you will need to get the right colour to match closest to your own natural hair. Balayage however, is a bit flexible as it is usually a mixture of 3 different hair tones. So it can easily adapt to your hair and would look naturally sun-kissed because it a perfect blend of dark hair to lightest tone. This is one advantage of balayage over other one tone hair extension.

There are two major types of balayage tape in hair extensions and would differ in price and the durability. First, is the synthetic hair which is a lot cheaper but styling restriction is a disadvantage. It does not also last long compared to the natural human hair. And it is less manageable as it tangles easily too.

Human hair on the other hand functions like your normal hair. It can be styled and dyed like your natural hair. Smooth and manageable is an advantage. Durable, therefore the hair last longer if cared for properly. You can wash it like ordinary hair but to preserve its quality a special sulphate-free shampoo is reccommended to retain its original quality.

Although there are other methods of semi permanent hair extensions, tape extensions tops the list as it is easy to attached and totally inconspicuous. Removal is absolutely quick and easy too.

The tapes used in hair extensions are vital for it to stay in place securely. You choose ones that have a strong hold to prevent slippage which could lead to extensions malfunction. Now we dont want to experience that kind of embarassment. So before you even buy your extensions do your own research to guarantee a successful purchase.

Installation of tape extensions can be a bit dificult if its your first time. But if you can watch the video tutorials you would be surprise to see how easy it really is.

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