A Guide To Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations in the world. Its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and tourist-friendly environment make it a desirable place to start your new life. With breathtaking photographic location and a plethora of activities, the country is a favorite of couples across the globe. If it is on your list of preferable destinations, you should know more about the Turkey’s Black Sea coast

Here is a list of the best honeymoon destinations in Turkey for you to consider.

The Golden Horn

Watching the sunset from the Golden Horn I Istanbul is a dreamy experience, not to mention romantic. The Istanbul skyline, the hills, and the birds returning home make it all the more ethereal. As the sun quietly descends behind the domes, you can think of nothing but the crimson sky that it leaves behind. The shimmering waters and the fresh air further rejuvenate your soul. 

Get to the spot a little early to explore the Golden Horn Park and click some pictures. 


If you are in for a little adventure along with romance, Cappadocia and its lunar caves can give you that. Its huge landscape of volcanic rocks and cave churches will set your heart racing. You can also ride hot air balloons if you seek more thrills. Lastly, exploring the 36 underground cities is something you may not be able to forget in a long time. 


The ancient Greek ruins in the place attract tourists from all over. Don’t forget to include Ephesus while planning and booking Turkey tours for its cultural and historical significance. History can be pretty romantic for interested people. If you are one of them, this place is a must-visit. 


Beaches, cycling trips, and casual strolls along the colorful streets, Antalya have everything. Previously, it was a busy port for the Romans, but now, you will find several tranquil spots to enjoy a romantic getaway. Besides, the city has some sparkly and beautiful streets, offering ample photographic places to create everlasting memories. 

Bozcaada Island

If you wish to take a wine tour with your partner, this place offers one of the best ones. Its extensive vineyards, delectable Mediterranean cuisines, and happy people can make your heart flutter. You can taste world-class wine in some of the local wine-tasting restaurants and spend quality time with the love of your life. Spend the entire day here, as the experience is worth it. 

The Turquoise Coast

If you are seeking an exotic charm, the natural beauty of Oludeniz and Fethiye can ensure the same. Also known as the Turquoise Coast, these places are covered in dense, green vegetation, exotic hiking trails, and underwater caves in the Gulf of Fethiye. You may also paraglide from the Babadag Mountain to get an aerial glimpse of the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz.  

Planning your Turkey honeymoon is essential to getting a memorable experience. Do your homework before making the final arrangements. Sit with your partner on the weekend, with your favorite snacks and beverages, and look up the places mentioned above. After all, planning your honeymoon together is in itself quite romantic. 

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