5 Tips For Running a Successful Fashion Blog

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It might seem that everyone and their moms have fashion blogs today. However, how many of these blogs can you name? Only the most successful ones (and they are few) reach recognition and become cost-effective. So if you think you have what it takes for running a successful fashion blog, follow these steps that will speed up your climb:

Find your niche

Fashion is a broad term, too broad to fit into one blog, so before you start blogging, choose your niche. The best way to choose a niche is to focus on a specific part of the industry: mothers who want to be comfortable yet look elegant, women over 40 who feel young at heart and want to look the part, budget fashion, DIY fashion, thrift shopping tips, local fashion scene, unique accessories, etc.

What’s in a name?

Once you have your niche in place, it’s time to set up your online space, starting from a memorable name. Try to avoid including any keywords into your blog name, because in fashion, they come and go very quickly. What you can do to improve the name of your personal website is to choose an interesting domain. Blogs with a .ME domain have many possibilities for a catchy and memorable name, so consider something like that. It’s also smart to sneak in words like fashion, design or style into your blog name, just to explain to people what your online community is about.

Clean up the look of your blog

Before you start writing fashion tips and posting the latest designs, your blog needs to look attractive. Fashion focuses on looks, so having a strong visual effect is the key to success. No matter if you want a custom design or if you’re willing to settle for something free, it’s important to achieve a clean, crisp, modern and stylish look. Additionally, your website needs to be mobile-friendly, because most people access blogs over their smartphones. And lastly, you need to have access to the latest fashion images. To do this, it’s usually necessary to reach out to designers and boutiques and secure copyright-free images (it’s crucial to have permission for everything you post). If you have an eye for photography too, you can take your own photos to have 100% unique content on your blog.

Link up with other bloggers

Networking is important in any business, especially fashion blogging, so if you want to reach a wide audience, you need other people to help you with promotion. Create a list of influential blogs from your niche, follow them on social media and reach out when you need shares or content. You can nurture your relationship through emails, but also attend seminars and get in touch personally. Link out to their posts on your blog and inform them of all the promoting you do for them. When you post about something interesting, inform bloggers in your contact list and ask for a review, retweet or link. If they like your stuff and think their own audience will benefit from your content, they will rush to share your posts. Don’t miss out on blogger outreach if you want more exposure.

Cash it in

Successful doesn’t automatically mean financially lucrative, but why not earn money if you can? If you want to make your blog financially successful, you need to generate a lot of traffic. Just some of the ways to monetize your blog are to allow designers and boutiques to advertise their products on your blog; charge for blog posts about their products; partner with them and sell their items on your blog; add Google AdSense or similar. For most people, having a successful fashion blog generates a steady income, but is not sales-centered. Focus on fun and information, but don’t neglect the business part of blogging.

No matter if you see blogging about fashion as a hobby or business, you probably want to achieve success. Use these tips to grow your blog, attract plenty of people and share your fashion savvy all over the world.

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