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When someone uses the word fashion, many different terms come into your mind such as clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup etc. One of the important things to know about fashion is to stay up to date with everything. What is trending, how much money is being used, what sort of stuff are people into and what products/brands are most popularly being used? Instagram is the best social media platform to gain information and latest updates about fashion. As a fashion blogger, it is essential for you to know about the recent events concerning fashion, which is why they prefer using Instagram more frequently. Following are the top fashion bloggers on Instagram that you must follow to stay updated.

1# Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanalei Mutaparta is one of the top Instagram fashion bloggers, and her Instagram posts are charming. She is a photographer, a model, a stylist and a fashion blogger. She has a great sense of fashion, and she does know how to turn something ordinary into extraordinary. Hanalei is also a traveller, and she keeps exploring new places and the fashion trends there. She has a golden closet full of some real fashion clothing. You could always learn a thing or two from her Instagram account about fashion. Her Instagram handle goes by @hannelim.

2# Hanna Stefansson

Hanna Stefansson is a fashion freak who has created a name for her on Instagram.  The Instagram fashion blogger from Denmark has a got a great collection of outerwear and is always impressing people with her fashion sense. Hanna has gained followers on Instagram fast. She has a trademark stance with one leg slightly lifted in the air which shows her incredible sense of footwear fashion. Hannah’s Instagram is full of some stylish, fashionable images and you will find new things on her Insta as well. What the Instagram handle for Hanna Stefansson is @hannastefansson.

3# Anna Speckhart

Anna Speckhart has become a favourite fashion blogger on Instagram, and her profile is full of beauty. Anna is not just a blogger, but she is a gorgeous model too. She has gained a lot of Instagram following which is impressive, and people do not just love her fashion sense but also her humour. Well, you can debate that her blog named America’s sweetheart is more about lifestyle than fashion, but you will still be able to find some great fashion sense there, and you will be inspired by it. What the Instagram handle for Anna is @annaspeckhart.

4# Fatou N’diaye

Fatou N’diaye is a top fashion blogger, and people who are familiar with her blog know how great she is in this field. Fatou is not just an excellent blogger, but she is also a photographer who has got a good eye to catch mesmerising beauty. Her blog BLACKBEAUTYBAG is very famous and impressive as well. So, check her Instagram and her artistic fashion photos will take your breath away. The Instagram ID for Fatou Ndiaye is named after her blog @blackbeautybag.

5# Aleali May

Aleali May is a top stylist and successful fashion blogger. She has been very innovative with fashion, and her views and unique fashion tips will impress you. The stylist has always been experimental with fashion, and she never fails in inspiring people to try something new. Aleali has a huge fan base, and her followers always enjoy her fashion tips. You can follow Aleali May on Instagram as her Instagram handle is @alealimay.

6# Ari Seth Cohen

Ari Seth Cohen is a very experienced person in the field of fashion, and she has been giving fashion tips to people for some time. Ari Seth’s view of fashion and style is awe-inspiring and attractive. Her blog Advanced Style has been a great success for her, and a lot of people have enjoyed her tips there. Also, she is a great photographer and does know how to capture a shot. Go and take a look at her impressive Instagram profile now as it is full of style and fashion which will inspire you. The Instagram handle she uses for her profile is @advancedtyle.

Instagram is a great platform to connect with people, and if you are looking to learn a thing or two from fashion bloggers, then Instagram is the perfect place to you, and these fashion bloggers are impressive.

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