5 Tips for Flat Back Earrings

What is Flat-Back Earring?

Flat back studs, also known as labret studs or flat disc studs, are made out of a post, a charm at one end, and a flat back that screws into the position to keep the jewelry in place.

Flat-back earrings are required in lip piercings (which is why they are often referred to as labret studs). Your jewelry should fit the lip to avoid rubbing on your teeth and gums, which might cause dental problems.

However, flat back studs are becoming increasingly common in cartilage piercings. The flat disc back provides for a discreet backing in piercings that call for daintier jewelry designs, such as the tragus piercing. If you want your jewelry to shine exclusively from the front of your ear, the flat disc backing is for you. 

Flat backs may be used in almost any piercing that does not require a barbell or ring! We only utilize flat-back type jewelry at Pierced because it is the safest and most comfortable option for our clients to wear.

Flat-back earrings may be worn in your lobe piercing. Flat-back earrings are ideal for wearing if you prefer sleeping in your earrings. Standard lobe piercings often accept 20g earrings.

Flat-back stud earrings

Is externally or internally threaded jewelry better?

The phrases “internal threading” and “external threading” will appear in any piercing with threading (jewelry that screws together). The distinction between the two may appear arbitrary at first, but it is highly significant.

Internal threading occurs when the threading appears on both the inside and outside of the post.

External threading occurs when the threading shows on both the outside and interior of the post.

Internally threaded jewelry is typically more costly, but of greater quality, than outwardly threaded items. Internal threading is harder to make, but it is safer for your piercing since the threading will not scrape on your piercing hole as it does on externally threaded items.You might use externally threaded jewelry once your piercing has healed completely.

difference between externally or internally threaded jewelry

Why are flat back earrings better?

Flat backs earrings and threadless posts are constructed of implant-grade titanium and will not affect customers who are allergic to metals.

  • Flat backs have a lower profile and are less likely to catch on hair or clothes than butterfly backs.
  • Flat backs lack threading and tiny crevices. This makes them easier to clean and hence more sanitary.
  • Designed to be worn at all times, even when sleeping and showering.
  • It is comfortable to wear and will not poke you.
  • Wearable in both fresh and healed piercings.
  • It is available in a range of lengths to best match your anatomy.
  • Very good for headphones, especially for customers with tragus piercings.

What is the material of Flat-Back Earring?

Flat-back earrings are often constructed of three metals: stainless steel, titanium, and solid 14k gold.

The pricing also depends on the material used to make Earrings. Usually ranging between $10 – $22. If you want affordable yet high quality, EricaJewelsToronto‘s earrings can help you.

Gold Flat-back earrings

Pain and Healing Time

These piercings necessitate the use of a stud or flat-back earring. Because of the thicker cartilage in the region, the pain level may be higher. A flat piercing is usually rated as 6-7/10 on the pain scale. These placements might take 3-10 months to recover completely.

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