5 Simple Ways to Achieve Longer Lashes

Everyone wants long lush eyelashes without doing any work. Oh, if it was only so easy. It feels scary when you lose eyelashes every day, doesn’t it? 

Don’t worry, everyone loses about 1-5 eyelashes a day

And if you put in a bit of effort every day, you can have those Hollywood glam eyelashes you desire. Let’s read on to see some tips that can help you get longer lashes and fuller ones too. 

1. Oil Them up

If you thought the coconut oil that you use for your body wouldn’t do anything for your eyelashes, you were wrong. You can get longer lashes by applying coconut oil or a mixture of oils (like castor, olive, and coconut) to your lashes.

Leave them on overnight, as if you were deep conditioning them. Do this 4-5 times a week, or even every day. It doesn’t take long and it will result in conditioned healthy longer lashes.

2. Use Green Tea

There’s a very good reason why many cosmetic products have green tea in them. The antioxidants and other nutrients in green tea are good for your lashes as well.

This is how to get longer lashes – make some green tea, let it cool down, and then use a cotton pad to apply it to your lashes twice a day. Voila!! Longer lashes will be yours soon.

3. Go Make-up Free

Like your face likes to go without make-up once in a while, your eyelashes are the same. You might have been wearing mascara for so long that you have no idea what your face looks like without some on. 

If you think you can’t go without mascara, then consider using Magnetic Eyelashes to make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller without mascara. At least until you can get back to your makeup-wearing days.

These lash extensions are great because you won’t be pulling on your real eyelashes when putting these on or taking them off. Get false lashes that look as good as the real ones. Maybe even better.

4. Apply Aloe Vera

Your hair loves the strengthening and nutritive actions of aloe vera juice and flesh. Layer it on upon your eyelashes overnight or mix it with the oil mixture for twice the effect. Longer lashes are all about using nature’s gifts to us.

5. Egg Them on

Another thing that you might have in your kitchen that you could use for your eyelashes? Eggs.

Mix 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or petroleum jelly in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your eyelashes. Do this minimum 3 times a week for several months.

Remember that it took you a long time to get to the state of lashes that you have now. Thus, it will take a few weeks or months of serious effort to get back to longer lashes. 

Longer Lashes Are There for the Taking

If you worry that you will never have the longer lashes from your childhood again, think twice. If you can spend some time and effort taking care of your precious eyelashes, they will reward you in good measure.

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