5 Signs You’re Born to Be a Girl Boss

Businesswomen have been paving their path to innovation and entrepreneurship for decades. The examples of Arianna Huffington, Tory Burch, and Rihanna back me up on that.

However, managing a business takes more than the passion for entrepreneurship. You need to think like an entrepreneur.

So, are you cut out for being a girl boss?

You Have Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is a never-ending debate about whether entrepreneurs are born or made. However, there is one thing that all successful businesswomen share – ideas. When they observe the world around them, they see innovation.

Are you continuously looking for new ways to simplify your life and improve the world? Then, you are ready to launch a business. The entrepreneurial drive will motivate you to take the risk and stay true to your vision.

Most importantly, to be a girl boss, you need to believe in yourself. When getting on stage to speak about their brands and products, entrepreneurs always act with confidence. By proving they believe in what they are saying, they build trust with customers, business partners, future investors, etc.

You Are Passionate About Learning New Things



Entrepreneurs are obsessed with personal growth. So, if you are listening to industry-specific podcasts on your commute to work, then you know what I am talking about.

You understand that learning does not stop after graduation. It is an important segment of your everyday life. Your collection of educational materials keeps growing. You invest your time and effort to gain new knowledge, experience, and skills every day.

For example, say you want to monetize your writing skills and become a blogger. If you are truly passionate about your blogging career, you will constantly learn about new industry trends. You will also acquire new skills, such as SEO, social media marketing, or web design. You are even eager to enroll in cybersecurity courses and learn how to protect your blog.

You Are a Born Leader

Are you the one fostering the culture of communication, collaboration, and friendship in the workplace? These traits only show you are a born leader.

For some entrepreneurs, managing a company comes naturally. As a girl boss, you need to be honest and a good communicator. You understand the value of workplace productivity and know to manage your people and tasks. Most importantly, you are committed and work as hard as everyone else.

You Are a Problem-Solver


To succeed in a fierce entrepreneurial world, you need to be objective and decisive. Start by analyzing your actions in stressful situations at work. How successfully can you deal with them? If you can get analytical and take the initiative, you are a true problem-solver.

Problem-solving is an essential skill in the business landscape. When you are indecisive about your next move, you delay taking action and miss big business opportunities.

You are an Impressive Communicator

When you talk, do people listen to you carefully? Great communication skills are essential in business management.

A successful communicator can listen to other people actively. They understand body language, keep eye contact, and have respect for others. Most importantly, they practice clarity and concision. Bosses should not talk too much or too little. The goal is to communicate the message to your employees as clearly as possible. If you ramble on, people will fail to understand what you expect from them.

Are You Born to Be a Girl Boss?

To manage a business or launch your brand, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. It includes problem-solving, leadership, and public speaking skills.

While some of these skills can be improved or even learned, there are certain traits girl bosses are born with. These are confidence, efficient communication, stubbornness, and honesty. If I have just described you in a few words, that means you are destined to be a girl boss.

Peter Minkoff, a fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine living between Australia and Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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