5 Important Things to Know Before Getting Braces

You’ve always wanted straight teeth and put off getting braces for various reasons.

Now you’ve finally decided to take the step to remedy that. Getting braces as an adult can be a big decision. There are many benefits of braces, no matter your age.

You may be looking for the best orthodontist to assist you with your new smile.

25 percent of adults in the United States wear braces. There are some important things to know before getting braces. In this article, you will learn about five of those things.

1. You May Have Discomfort

Don’t get put off by the thought of discomfort. It may be a big worry, so let’s ease your mind. Yes, there may be some discomfort.

Everyone is different, so the level of discomfort can vary. You may get sores in your mouth from the new braces or you could have sensitivity. This is all normal.

In the beginning, it’s best to eat soft foods that you don’t have to chew.

If you find yourself having high discomfort levels and pain then that may not be normal. You’ll want to contact your orthodontist.

Along with the discomfort, you may have minor speech changes. This will happen while you learn to talk with braces in your mouth.

2. There Are More Options Than Metal Braces

Most people are familiar with the common metal braces. These cost the least amount of the other options.

Yes, you’ve heard that correct. There are other options besides the metal ones. There are clear bracket braces, which are like metal ones. The difference is that the brackets are clear.

Invisalign is another option. These don’t have any wires or brackets. The benefit is they feel more comfortable. These get worn for 22 hours a day, so make sure you’ll commit to that.

The choice you make will depend on what you want appearance-wise and the cost.

3. Stay Away From Certain Foods

There are certain foods to avoid when you have braces.

A big no-no is chewing gum with metal braces. It’s sticky and could get stuck in the wires and brackets. You’ll want to avoid candy and caramel also.

Popcorn can be an issue because of the kernels. They can get stuck within teeth and in braces. Swelling and inflammation of the gums can occur.

Tea and coffee may stain the braces and your teeth. Try to consume less to keep the braces clean.

Curry could turn your clear braces yellow. You may want to avoid that with clear braces.

4. Oral Care With Braces

You may have to change up your dental care routine. You’ll want to take care while brushing your teeth. It may take a little longer since brackets make it difficult to clean your teeth.

You still can floss with the aid of floss threaders and use an oral irrigator. Your oral health is important to take care of.

5. They Are Affordable

There was a time when braces were a luxury item because they were expensive. Now, more than ever, having straight teeth is possible.

Braces are common today and less expensive. Your orthodontist will discuss with you options for payment.

Getting Braces to Help Your Smile

This list should give you an idea of what to expect after getting braces. Remember, don’t let discomfort or food avoidance deter you.

The benefits will be worth it and you’ll have your dream smile.

Straight teeth can boost your confidence and you’ll be smiling all the time. For more information, come visit our site today.

Take steps toward the new you today!

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