5 Powerful Benefits of Instituting a Patient Portal

You can have a good health practice, but it will impact outcomes if your patients are not satisfied. 

A physician can see around twenty patients a day. It cannot be solely their responsibility to fulfill patient satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the entire healthcare practice.

The good news there is an online tool that can provide a solution: a patient portal. A patient portal allows patients to manage their personal health care online. It can let them schedule health care provider visits and share confidential information.

So, is it worth the investment? Read on to learn the benefits a patient portal provides!

1. Improve Communication

An online patient portal reduces wait times for patients who often do not want to be put on hold. They can still ask questions and share concerns but through secure messaging.

It can be accessed 24/7, instead of solely during office hours. This improves communication for everyone.

It is also an easy way to send reminders to patients about appointments and checkups. Patients can also quickly fill in documentation without the need for paperwork. 

2. Efficiency for All

Patient satisfaction is higher if their personal health care is prioritized. And if the healthcare practice is working efficiently.

Studies have found that online patient portals do help facilitate engagement. Everything is streamlined. It reduces the risk of errors, lack of compliance, and missed prescriptions. 

It also saves on time-efficiency and also costs. Staff can focus on other tasks, which improves practice efficiency overall. 

3. Secure Confidential Information 

Patient portals such as ChoiceMD.com allow you to store confidential information securely. Patients can also view their information, which adds to transparency. They can also notify you if any information is missing or is inaccurate.

4. Manage Bills

Managing bills online increases accuracy and accessibility. Sometimes appointments are online, which makes online payments even more essential.

A patient portal makes it easy for patients to understand their bills and pay in the same place. It helps them keep track and not feel surprised about any charges. 

5. Empower Patients and Their Health 

Patients feel valued when they feel the practice respects their personal health care. They also feel empowered as they are more in charge of their own health. They can message when they want, view data, and access useful educational material.

You can upload specific resources for them, which acknowledges them and saves printing. Sometimes information is lost in a meeting, or a leaflet can be misplaced. If the patient can access information when it best suits them, they are more likely to engage.

Invest in a Patient Portal

Patient portals offer many benefits. It is essential to acknowledge that some patients may need help with their account setup.

But not everyone has access to a mobile or computer. So it is essential to maintain best practices for those patients. 

However, patient portals do improve patient satisfaction, so they are worth the investment. If patients are satisfied, they are more likely to remain loyal and return to your practice. They have the transparency they need to trust, and they feel heard.

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