5 Occasions that Call for an All Girls Vacation with your Besties

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While spending time with your significant other is all kinds of beautiful, vacationing with family is great, but an all girls vacation is in a league of its own.

No judgements, no vulnerability; you get to be your absolutely true self, blasting off the speakers with your favorite Beyonce anthems without getting a side-eye from your beau. It is also a good time to leave behind all your worries alongwith the city.

But busy schedules and routines make it almost impossible for all of your girl gang to round up on on a date. Here are some occasions that definitely call for an all girls trip, so you get to embark on your getaway. It take weeks and months of planning, but the wait is worth it once you set off for you all girls vacay.

1. Birthday Bash

Birthdays are special, and being with your girls in an exotic destination on this day makes them even special. You won’t even have to plan hard or struggle to pick a date. It is your birthday after all.

Celebrate in beautiful European towns. If time is a factor, You could pick up closer places like Ireland and make a road trip out of it. Some carpool karaoke, stopovers for munchies and endless conversations. What better way to celebrate your life!

If you want to lose yourself to art and culture, look no further than Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Milan or Hamberg. For a relaxed holiday by the ocean, Portugal, Ios, Sardinia, Prague and Ibiza is where you must head and have yourself a fabulous birthday.

2. Hen Weekend

While you could have a blast spending the hen weekend in UK, nothing screams like a girls vacation opportunity as an awesome Hen weekend. Fly out the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids to give them a time of their lives.

Europe is a hub of stag do and hen party destinations. From the super chill tropical vibe of Ibiza to the unparalleled pulse of Prague, Dublin and Greece, earn yourself the title of the best ‘maid of honour ever’ by throwing your best friend a memorable hen party abroad.

3. When You’re Stuck in the Rut

Tired of the same old clockwork routine and rounding the same old clubs on weekends? A girl trip is what you need.

The best part about an all girls vacation is how refreshing they always turn out since you know each other inside out. There are no judgements at all. So you can binge on junk food, drink as you like with not a care in the world. But of course, responsible drinking is the way to be!

4. The Break Up Vacation

Remember when Big left Carrie at the altar in the Sex and the City movie, and her girl gang flew her off to Mexico? They had the time of their life bonding over tequila, men and each getting time for a much needed introspection.

If you’re heartbroken, you don’t have to sit home in your jammies with a tub of ice cream watching reruns of Downtown Abbey. That’s a cliche! Ring up your girlfriends and leave the town for a beautiful European city. That is the best cure for a break up. Once you are sipping on martini lounging by an infinity pool, the ex will be the last thing on your mind.

A bonding time with your girlfriend during this time will help you gain some perspective, and you never know, you may find someone in a foreign land.

5. Friendship Day

There is no better way to commemorate your strong friendship than setting off to a foreign locale to celebrate Friendship Day. It falls on a weekend, so you can all easy make it without worrying about taking a leave.

Strengthen your sisterhood in beach towns, quaint villages or vibrant cities. If you are the wine ladies, fly out to Languedoc and bond over a glass of Benjamin Darnault Minervois while walking through the expansive vineyard. Tuscany in Italy, Rioja in Spain and Douro in Portugal are also some of the best wine villages in Europe, but there is a lot more to them than just wine. Explore the towns, chat with locals and make memories as you move along.

If a some relaxing time by the beach is what you crave, head over to bask in the sunshine of the beaches of Brazil, Portugal and Greece and Spain and pay homage to your amazing sisterhood.


Every girl needs a little time off with her besties. It helps you break away from your routine and you get to spend some of your most special days with the women who have been there throughout. While life moves on and schedules get busier, there are always some special occasions that are only special if you have your girl friends to celebrate them with. Carpe diem with your girls and forge a strong sisterhood of travelling.


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