5 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2023

interior design

The year behind us put home in many of our lives. Most of us are back in offices, schools and meetings with friends and family, and we can now enjoy these commodities with minimal hesitation. There’s a good thing we learned from the pandemic—whatever happens, the world continues spinning and new trends continue to change the same as before. So if you love to stay in touch with what’s popular in the world of interior design, here’s what 2023 cooked for us:

Sustainability as a priority

Some old trends die and some new ones emerge every year, but there are those with a strong staying power, such as sustainability. And we’re definitely not surprised to see sustainability go strong in 2023. With growing concerns about climate change, waste and pollution, eco-friendly design has gained a lot of momentum. Philosophies like sustainability, biophilia, and organic modernism, together with complementary décor (natural patterns, soothing earthy neutrals, etc.) will continue to rule the world of design. And in 2023, these trends might reach further heights in everything from art to outdoor spaces. For instance, it’s very obvious how sustainability and nature affect the works of established and new artists. Indoor gardening is also getting more and more popular thanks to vertical gardens and green walls.

Raw natural materials

interior design

If you look around and peek into any design magazine or blog, you’ll notice elements like dramatic, colorful marble. This is just one part of the raw material trend that pushes the natural qualities of materials without adding any synthetic elements. Sure, organic materials have been popular for years, but this 2023 trend is more specific, focusing on something called “hyper-texturality”. What is that, you might ask? Well, this trend focuses on exaggerated textures and veins in marble, stone and wood, together with high grains and contrast in materials to make them more interesting and rustic.

Green accents

Green will rule in 2023 and expect to see it everywhere, from living rooms and kids’ rooms to offices. Grassy flooring has gripped homes by storm, and green furniture has been displayed at furniture fairs and exhibits. Deep moody greens are especially popular. In offices, people are finally prioritizing plants as decoration and productivity boost. This trend is so popular that it sparked companies to engage in office plant hire, which comes with maintenance, plant replacements and an on-call team for tips and advice. This allows workers to focus on work yet still enjoy beautiful green accents that will keep them energized yet stress-free.

Artisan items

interior design

For a long time, designers have been coveting objects created by skilled people, but in 2023, the percentage of these goods will have a huge rise, much higher than expected. Thanks to this interest, designers will be even more inspired to be creative with their works, seeking out new makers and new materials. Expect to see more artisan items in the homes of today, with craftsmanship visible in everything from wall coverings to handmade lighting fixtures.

Transparent touches

Since ethereal items and details will rule the fashion scene in 2023, the same can be expected in interior design since these two industries always draw inspiration from one another. On the runway, we can expect to see lace, tulle, shimmer and ruffles, and at homes, we will welcome transparent objects. Things like airy designs, lightly tinted furniture, and glass objects will help us create a more open space that lets our eyes and thoughts wander. On Tiktok, designers are showcasing their transparent finds and gaining a lot of attention. This trend will escalate with glass brick and all things alabaster, especially alabaster lighting.

We all have great expectations from 2023 in all fields. Interior design trends never disappoint, and it seems that 2023 will be full of interesting new trends and those that deserve our attention for longer than just one season.

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