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Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry has been a thing for ages. Through the years it has gained popularity, faded away, and has since come back. The difference with pieces from today and those of the past is now they are totally cool and so not cheesy.  Women today are wearing personalized pieces more than ever. They are using these pieces to display significant dates, people, locations, times etc.  Gone are the days of simply wearing your own name. Moms are choosing to wear their children’s names, birthstones, birthdates, or even combining all three. Couples are wearing each other’s names or special dates. A newly married duo might wear the coordinates of their first home on a tag style pendant. Wedding bands with their anniversary date engraved is a gorgeous way to memorialize the big day.  The beauty in personalized jewelry is just that; personalized. You can pretty much customize it to say or represent anything you’d like. With the help of an excellent jeweler, the possibilities are endless.

When purchasing such sentimental pieces I feel it is wise to get things made well, something that will last forever. These pieces are memories that can and should be passed down for years to come regardless of the names, dates, numbers etc. Each piece will tell a story and with those stories history will be preserved. Don’t opt for a cheaply made item, chances are it will not stand the tests of time. With that said you don’t have to spend a fortune either!  Keep scrolling and you’ll see what I mean…

Here are a few of my favorite looks. (Trust me it was really hard to choose!)

Although known for their incredible selection and craftsmanship of moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands, MoissaniteRings.com also makes some really awesome jewelry. They have a great selection already listed on their site but the cool thing is they also create custom designs. If you have something specific in mind this is the place to go. Not only is their work top notch, the prices are very fair.

Nameplate Gold with Diamonds from MoissantieRings.com Starts at $475

Personalized Thin Dog Tag Necklace from MoissaniteRings.com Starts at $650


Personalized Initial Diamond Heart Necklace from MoissaniteRings.com Starts at $1750

If you are looking for something more edgy and unique then TwistedLove.com is a great place to go. They have really fun pieces made in Sterling Silver for those who wanted to stay away from gold.  Twisted Love also works with brass and gold and you do have the option of having something custom made here as well. Again, great quality with very friendly prices.


Custom Gothic Nameplate Necklace from TwistedLove.com Starts at $130


Gothic Letter Slider Necklace from TwistedLove.com Starts at $150.00


Sailor Letter Necklace from TwistedLove.com starts at $195

And of course you always have the traditional and always timeless Tiffany&Co. When you see that little blue box you know you’ll have a special gift to cherish for eternity.  Most of their designs are engravable. Their charm bracelets are a great way to tell a story or to add to your story through the years.

Mom Heart Tag Charm and Bracelet by Tiffany.com Starts at $740


Alphabet Heart Tag Letter Charm and Chain from Tiffany.com Starts at $1500

So next time someone special asks you what’s on your wish list, let them know a personalized piece of jewelry is at the top. What better way to proudly showcase some of life’s most treasured moments and people. You will surely have a story to tell about each piece and I’m sure it will bring a smile to not only your face but those around you too!


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Twisted Love Jewelry Works NYC | TwistedLove.com

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