5 Easy Steps: How To Get Korean Glass Skin

Any skincare aficionado is well-aware of the effort that comes with keeping their skin in tip-top shape. However, when it comes to Korean women, it seems like they’re always one step ahead, setting standards for the rest of the beauty community to follow. Dedicated to achieving a perfect, doll-like complexion, K-beauty aficionados are yet again taking a regular skin care regimen to a whole new level, and this latest skin care trend is here to prove it.

The beauty trend we’re talking about is glass skin, which is essentially a beauty regimen that produces a glass-like effect and skin that is hydrated, glowy, and all-around flawless. The best part? You can get glass skin at home by simply following these five easy steps.

Double cleanse the skin

What separates this K-trend from other beauty trends is the fact that it emphasizes the importance of double cleansing. The idea is to create a clean and clear canvas and remove impurities that have accumulated during the day, including makeup, dirt, and grease.

Any residue that’s left over is removed by cleansing the skin using a cleanser that is oil-based and then using a face wash that is water-based. The former will purify the pores leaving them clean and clear, while the latter will cleanse them once again and leave the skin feeling hydrated. Remember to let your face air dry afterwards in order for it to retain as much moisture as possible.

Tone your skin

The next step involves using a toner to prep your skin and ensure the much-needed hydration. You want to look for products that are going to balance your skin’s pH levels and help you achieve that glass-like look. Refreshing ingredients such as aloe vera can be particularly great for reducing inflammation and soothing acne-irritated skin. These are just some of the many aloe vera benefits which is why it’s a common ingredient in many toners and cleansers you can find nowadays.

Ingredients such as green tea and ginseng are also great for enhancing moisture and this property is the reason why they can often be found on many of the K-beauty toners’ ingredients’ list. A toner will help close the pores that were opened during the cleansing phase and soften the skin, prepping it for the next step.

Use a serum/essence

After your skin has been cleansed and the toner has been absorbed, it’s time to seal the deal using either a serum or essence with a hydrating formula. Essence is particularly important in K-beauty regimens as it contains water, which is the very core of Korean skincare routine, and it delivers a high dose of hydration. It’s more lightweight than a serum, and its role is to eliminate redness and treat pigmentation.

Serum, on the other hand, plumps up the skin and maintains moisture balance in addition to hydrating the skin, especially if you use serums formulated with ingredients such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which have moisture-boosting properties.


Keeping your skin hydrated is essential in Korean skincare philosophy, and olive oil can be the perfect tool for locking in moisture. It works by applying the olive oil on top of your moisturizer, preferably extra virgin olive oil that contains no bad preservatives and is rich in polyphenols.

Aside from numerous health benefits, the anti-inflammatory polyphenols in olive oil are packed with antioxidants that protect our skin by limiting production of free radicals while also giving our skin a youthful look and having a skin-firming effect. Aside from consuming olive oil, you can also find olive oil extract in the form of supplements which contain more polyphenols than you’d find in standard olive oils, allowing you to maximize the benefits of polyphenols while also ensuring a great deal of good-for-you vitamins.

Apply SPF

As someone who understands the importance of investing in their skin, you’re probably already aware by now that SPF is very much like a holy grail in skincare. Relying on sunscreen for sun protection is also one of the best anti-aging secrets, which makes it all the more important of a step in your skincare routine.

Achieving glass skin requires it to be healthy, which means you ought to keep your skin protected from sun damage and harmful UV rays year-round, especially your neck and chest area. Aim for a sun cream with SPF 50 and you’ll create the perfect canvas for your makeup looks.

Wrapping up

When it comes to #skingoals, trends change, and every year there’s a new skincare regimen to try out. Like many other Korean skin care regimens, the glossy, smooth, reflective-like finish has certainly taken the beauty world by storm, and we can’t wait to see what other K-trends we’re going to be trying out next.

Image Source: Unsplash

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