4 Things You Must Do When In Myanmar

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There is a lot we don’t know about Myanmar or Burma as it was once known. When people think about the country, they think about people and government that are way behind the times, but this is what makes it special and it isn’t as far behind as you first thought. It is developing at a great pace and the city centres are bustling with people and businesses. If the city life isn’t for you, then head to the countryside, where you will find beautiful lakes, tall mountains, cool waterfalls and pagodas everywhere. There are lots of things or activities to do and we will look at some of them here.

  1. Amazing Temples – Myanmar has quite a number of temples and so quite a number of monks. Monks, however, are only permitted to eat two times a day, once at five in the morning and then again at ten. They will come together outside their respective monasteries at these times, and then set off looking for alms or food contributions from the Myanmar people. It is a beautiful thing to watch them in their robes lining up and then setting off. It is a great opportunity for a photograph, but be sure to ask them if it is OK to do so.
  2. Great Spas – There are many spas in Myanmar and boutique luxury hotels in Myanmar have this additional feature. This is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself for the minimum expense. Walking around all day admiring the country takes its toll on your feet and back, and so getting a relaxing massage is something that you will really enjoy. The Myanmar people are experts in this and you really won’t have gotten a massage like this before. You will feel rested and relaxed and all this, for only about ten dollars or UK pounds.

    Myanmar, Myanmar people

  3. Fantastic Food – The food in Myanmar is fantastic. There is spicy food if you like some heat in your food, but you should try the popular local fare which is called Mohinga. This is traditionally a breakfast food, but can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It consists of rice noodles and fish and is a kind of soup. It is thought of as the national dish of Myanmar by many people and it is cheap and tasty. You will find it on the street stalls all around the cities and they all have their little differences to the dish, which all adds to the taste. If you want to know more about Burmese food, then have a look here.
  4. Great Tasting Beer – For those of you who are beer drinkers and I am sure there are many, there is no better way to end the day, than having a cool beer brewed and bottled right there in Myanmar. The beer is crisp and clear and tastes amazing. There is Myanmar Beer and Mandalay Beer to choose from and they both have an amazing after taste. The price for a large bottle of beer is really low, about two dollars or pounds, so make sure that you don’t overindulge.

There are so many other things to do in Myanmar that they can’t be listed here. The country is beautiful and the people even more so. I can’t think of a better place to travel and I hope you create an opportunity to go there.

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