Live, Destress, Pamper, Repeat

In the twenty-first century with life consumed by gadgetry, social media and a busy work schedule, it can be hard to fully switch off. When you come home from a particularly stressful day in the office, you might still be thinking about the important presentation you have the next day as you’re cooking dinner for the kids. Perhaps you’re struggling to sleep because you can’t remember if you sent an email out to your team that day or maybe you’re worried about getting that all-important promotion that you’ve been after for months. The pressure that we put ourselves under sometimes is immense and unhealthy.

Instead of worrying about what might happen, we need to try and live in the present. This can be a radical life change for many people. While this may sound very Buddhist-like in its outlook, it simply means that you need to take some time out for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have screaming kids at your feet demanding your attention twenty-four seven, it’s vital that you can steal away just fifteen minutes a day for yourself to stay on an even keel. Even better, you need to partake in a spot of pampering every so often. There’s no better way to destress than by organizing a good pampering session.

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While you don’t want to rack up shed loads of debt and you should only spend what you can afford, shopping for a new top or little black dress can alleviate stress. The endorphins released when you make a purchase can suppress anxieties and allow us to feel jubilant for a little while, You don’t have to head to the designer stores to get your retail kicks. Instead, think about heading to the plus size online boutique – Angel Heart Boutique. Their clothing comes in every size you can think of, they have extensive ranges, and the clothing is reasonable in price. Even if you don’t have time to get out of the house and onto the high street, you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re planning on heading out to an evening soiree, perhaps a lovely cocktail dress or an elegant pair of kitten heels might be your pampering of choice. If you’re more of an outdoors bunny and your sneakers have seen better days, a new addition to your footwear collection might be more apt.

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While retail therapy is great at alleviating stress, perhaps you fancy partaking in something a little more personal. By heading to your local salon, you can book a consultation with a stylist and discuss new options for your luscious locks. You may have had the same hairstyle for a decade or more and fancy a change. Perhaps you’ve spotted a couple of grey hairs and want to launch a cover-up operation before they exponentially expand. Or maybe you are after a conditioning treatment for your scalp to rejuvenate your tresses.

A consultation should consist of a two-way dialogue. Your stylist should know the styles that will take into account your face shape, your age and the type of hair that you have. Finer hair requires a style that will add natural volume whereas thicker tresses may need layers and bangs. If you’ve had longer locks for a while, maybe it’s time to revolutionize your style with a pixie crop or a mid-length bob. If you are tired of your short hair and you’re getting impatient, why not opt for a set of extensions to bring length, volume and layers to your mane.

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Spa Sessions

For the ultimate treat, you could whisk yourself away for a spa session. This might be an hour, a day or a weekend, depending on how much time you have on your hands. By giving the kids to your other half to look after for a while, you can spend the ultimate relaxation time on your own. You won’t have to worry about work, getting the kids to tidy their room or housework. Your sole focus will be on your well being.

How about venturing to a health resort and taking part in a detox or allowing a nutritionist to compile a new healthy eating plan for you? Diet plays a huge role in our stress levels as well as our mental health. By filling your plate with more antioxidant-rich foods and less of the consumer favorite refined foods, you can make your sugar spikes and comedowns fewer and farther between. This can level out your mood and help you cope with stressful situations more easily.

There’s nothing better than heading to a spa, whipping on a robe and signing up for a few treatments. You could opt for a luxury mud bath, a sauna session, a reiki head massage, a pedicure or you might fancy doing a spot of Bikram yoga. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free creams, lotions and potions that are readily available and take a dip in the luxurious indoor heated swimming pool. By the time you return home, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to take on the challenges of work and home life.

Stress is modern life’s greatest challenge to overcome. For many, working long hours and having little free time can become all-consuming. For others, it is the constant exposure to perfect selfies on social media feeds that puts us under undue pressure to reach these same levels of unattainable perfection that can be crushing. Instead of worrying about others, begin to focus on yourself. Take a social media holiday, book an appointment at the hair salon, buy yourself something nice and find those elusive moments that you can claim for yourself. Even if you don’t manage to get to a spa, losing yourself in a good book or watching your favorite TV show can aid in alleviating stress. By following this advice, you can lead a happier, healthier and less stressful life.


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