10 Tips to Write a Great Model Bio

A successful modeling career is not only about being beautiful and having modeling skills. It’s also about possessing a bright personality and being able to get yourself noticed.

If you have a great modeling portfolio, that’s great. Now you should take one more step to build a big career – you need to write a compelling bio. With the help of the bio, you will win the attention of famous brands and get the job of your dream.

Today, we will give you tips on how to write a perfect model bio from scratch.

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Explain who you are and what you do

Mention in your bio your name, your profession, and your passion. Make it clear to everyone who visits your social media profile or website that you are a professional model and are open to collaboration.

Some models wrongly believe that they shouldn’t specify that they are models in the Instagram bio because it’s an obvious thing. Well, it’s not as obvious as one can think. There are dozens of social media users over there that publish fabulous photos and videos but are not professional models.

You need to write in your bio that you work as a model to avoid confusion and attract the right target audience.

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Take advantage of name-dropping

Have you ever collaborated with well-known brands? List those brands in your bio to impress your target audience.

If you worked only with small companies, there is no sense to mention their brand names. Since no one ever heard about them, their brand names will not make your bio more compelling.

Describe your values

What values do you promote? Why did you decide to become a model? Have you ever considered other career options? Answer these questions honestly, and your bio will grab the attention.

Brands prefer to collaborate with the models who love what they do. For this reason, if you write that your work is your biggest passion in life, it will be easier for you to find new clients.

Make your bio interesting to read

Words have immense power. Using words the right way, you can convince people whom you have never met before that you are a perfect fit for their projects.

Your bio should be catchy and engaging. Yet it should sound professional. Use your hidden written talent to describe yourself in an authentic way and reveal your true personality. Don’t have such a talent? Feel free to visit good writing websites and find experts who can help.

Don’t lie

If you have just started your career, it might be tempting for you to lie in your bio. But please, don’t do it. Don’t write that you collaborated with famous brands and participated in world-known fashion shows if it’s not true.

If you don’t have vast experience in the field, you can still find a job without lying. People who lie in their resumes and bios never achieve success in the long run. Sooner or later, the truth comes out, and liars experience big problems.

Be honest and open, and keep working on improving your skills. Then nothing will hold you back from achieving your career goals.

Write about your professional accomplishments

What accomplishments are you proud of the most? Mention them in your bio. Don’t be afraid to sound like you are a braggart. You are writing your bio to sell yourself, so it’s okay to talk about things you have achieved in your life through your hard work and dedication.

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Consider adding humor

Do you have a great sense of humor? You can use it to add a personal touch to your bio. Write a funny note that will make people smile – and then everyone will fall in love with your personality.

Brands do love to collaborate with the models who “send positive vibes”. So if you focus on positivity, you will more likely succeed.

Keep it short and sweet

Your bio should consist of a few sentences and provide only basic information. Your task is to intrigue readers and make them want to know you better.

Keep in mind that people don’t like to read long texts. So if you write a detailed bio that is hard-to-read, it will not help you to close new deals.

Proofread the text

Proofreading sounds like a tedious task, but please, don’t skip it. If you want to collaborate with reputable companies, you should show that you are a true professional and that you do everything with dedication.

If your model bio is written with grammar mistakes, it means that you do not really care about what people think. And it’s a bad thing. Brands prefer to work with models who care about their own image and the image of the clients they work with. So don’t hesitate to use online grammar checking tools to make your bio error-free.

Think about people who will read your bio

Imagine for a moment that you are not a model but a client. What information would be important to you? What would you expect to see in a model bio?

Analyze your bio from the point of view of your clients. Also, take a look at bios written by other models in your niche and follow the best practices.

Final words

Model bio is not an autobiography book – it will not take you much time to write it. So use the tips given above and craft your bio from scratch today.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counselor. She is also a freelance writer and a contributor to Essayguard. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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