Why You Need to Use Natural and Organic Hair Products

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The beauty of Queen Cleopatra and the folktales of her charm still reverberates today. Her beauty secrets have been researched by several academicians over time. Many of them suggested that her beauty secret lies in the natural and organic products she had been using. For example, the secret of her beautiful shiny locks is hidden in simple ingredients like eggs and castor oil. Today, modern beauty routines have started to shift towards using herbal and organic products.

In the last decade, several chemicals like formaldehyde found in cosmetics have proved to be carcinogenic, adding to the woes of beauticians and fashionistas. Here is a list of 5 reasons why you need to use natural and organic hair products.

1. Less Side Effects

Though the inorganic hair care products claim to strengthen and nourish your hair, in reality, they are full of toxins that not only impair your hair but also damage the scalp. The chemical enriched hair-care products contain silicones and sulphates that may give the best output after the first few uses but over the course of time they clog your hair follicles and damage your hair by washing away the natural oils that are essential for making your hair stronger from the roots and keep them nourished to give a shiny luscious look.

2. Promotes Overall Health

In a study, it has been found that root stimulators and anti-frizz products contain ingredients that can cause asthma, scalp infections, alopecia, hormonal disbalance and early puberty. Organic hair products are a boon against these chemicals as they are milder on your hairs and gentler on the scalp. They are enriched with natural ingredients that strengthen your hair and reduce hair-related problems like pre-aging whitening of hairs, balding, and rough and damaged hair.

3. Eco-friendly

Well, the shower residue can be very harmful to the environment as they are rich in chemicals containing sulphates and silicones. Whether you are using an anti-dandruff shampoo or a hair nourishing conditioner, the products after being washed out of your hair flow down to the drain and become a part of the water system which deteriorates the quality of water. But use of natural and organic products can reduce the risk to the environment as they contain chemicals stripped down to the bare minimum. Moreover, most of the organic hair-care brands use biodegradable and recyclable packaging that cause very less to negligible damage to the environment.

4. Better Results

The claims of several popular hair care brands are merely words like that and some claim that their products are better than natural products. Research has shown that cosmetics that contain organically farmed products are likely to have 30% more antioxidants than those cultivated in traditional ways using fertilizers and pesticides. So, there is question of the organic products being less potent than the chemically stuffed hair products.

There must have been some of you who must be jealous of your grandma’s hair as they are very thick, healthy and shiny even though they are grey. It’s because in their generation women usually used organic hair products like Bhringraj, Amla, Hibiscus and 100% pure coconut oil or many more that deeply nurture the hair, reduce hair breakage and repair split-ends. These natural ingredients are free from any harmful chemicals and enriched with all the vitamins and micro or macronutrients necessary for healthy hair.

5. Value for Money

Although some organic products may be a few bucks more than their chemical counterparts. However, they are worth buying as it is safer on the skin and hair and are beneficial in the long-run. Though the chemical shampoos or conditioners may give quick and effective result but act as a slow poison that damage your hair and is harsher on the skin, whereas the organic and natural ingredients work as a slow drug, completely healing your hair and making it immune to external stress and pollution. Hence, the pros outweigh the price and worth the money.

You shouldn’t be misled by the television commercials. Even many hair products don’t mention their complete set of ingredients. So, it’s time you ‘go organic’.


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