Why Italian Citizenship By Descent Is A Great Option For Travel Buffs

Italian Citizenship

The idea of immigrating to a European country is alluring for Americans who want to experience a diverse culture and lifestyle. A large chunk of the population traces its roots in Italy, which is another reason for the popularity of Italian citizenship. The reason is that Italy offers the descent route for claiming citizenship. If you can validate your ancestral connections in the country, getting a second passport is a breeze. Here a great article was written by Bersani Law Firm to explain Italian citizenship by descent in detail. It is ideal for people looking to reclaim their roots in Italy. Moreover, it makes an excellent option for travel buffs. Let us explain how.

Get one of the most powerful passports

Italian citizenship by descent opens the opportunity for a second passport of the country. If you are a travel enthusiast, an Italian second passport is the best asset you can own. It ranks among the most powerful passports in the world, sharing third place along with Luxembourg and Spain. You can travel to as many as 189 countries without requiring a visa. With the pandemic disrupting global travel, having a powerful passport gets you in a good place. You need not think much before planning a vacation when restrictions are eased and can plan right away without the visa formalities. Nothing can be better to satisfy your never-ending wanderlust.

Travel visa-free across the EU

Italian dual citizenship also gives access to EU citizenship rights. It means you can live and move across the Schengen countries without any hassles. Travel is visa-free in the zone, and you can even buy property in these countries. Moreover, you get preference for university admissions and employment opportunities just like Italians do. You even get protection from the diplomatic authorities of the EU member states. As a travel buff, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Pass on the benefits to next generations

The descent route lets you pass on the citizenship benefits to your next generations. On completing the Jure Sanguinis process, your minor children automatically become Italian citizens. They get the same rights and benefits as any other citizen. Even the non-minor ones can claim through the descent route as you get citizenship of the country. The next generations get the same effortlessly, making it a legacy to bequeath to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. It is the best gift you can give to your family and the next generations.

The good thing about Italian citizenship by descent is that you have good chances of getting through, provided you can provide valid documentary evidence. Even better, you can apply at your local consulate and complete it without flying to Italy in the first place. You can collaborate with a local citizenship expert to help you procure the documents from your ancestor’s comune. They can also guide you with the rest of the process and help with closing it at the earliest.  Once you get your dual citizenship status, you can start working on your travel goals right away.

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