Which Lingerie Type Are You

Tips to quickly find the lingerie that best suits your body. Finding the right lingerie for your unique female body is above all; know what body type you are. Knowing that, finding the lingerie that best suits your body type is a breeze. With the right lingerie and super comfortable bra you focus attention on the strong points of your body and you cleverly take the attention away from your weaker sides.

To make the search for the perfect lingerie that suits you a little easier, we have described various body types below.

Hourglass Body Type

Do you have an hourglass figure? Then your bust and hips are about the same circumference. Your waist is narrow smaller than your bust and hips. You also have strong bones, a lot of muscle mass and great flexibility all over your body. So your weight is actually spread over your upper and lower half with a clear waist in between.

Choose lingerie and bra panty sets with a V-neckline or round neckline. They emphasize your full breasts and your insanely sexy narrow waist Opt for close-fitting, fitted lingerie. Don’t just think of tailored dresses but also bustiers and corsets. Kimonos with a tie at the waist. A-shaped babydolls, nightgowns or dresses

Feel extra confident in a balconette bra, stylish supportive waisted panties or panties in general will help hide any tummy flaws and make the most of your fabulous body.

How do you know if you are a triangular body type?

If you have a triangular body shape, athletic body shape, your breasts and waist are relatively the same size, but your hips are considerably narrower in size.

You have a body shape that is completely opposite to the shape of the spoon. Yyour upper body is bigger and stronger than your lower body, your waist is short and you usually have long, shapely legs.

Show your waist with a waistcincher, high waist panties an underbust corset or a corset that creates visual curves. Push-up bras are your best friend. Emphasize your beautiful broad shoulders by means of lingerie without sleeves, dresses with spaghetti straps or dresses with bare shoulders.

Pear Body Type

With a pear-shaped figure, all the attention will be focused on your hips and your sexy behind. Your breasts are at least 5 cm larger than your chest in relation to your hips, your waist is just slightly smaller than your bust. You tend to look heavier than your actual weight and your lower body is generally larger than your upper body. The good news? You probably have the most refined neckline and the prettiest arms of all other body shapes!

Shift the focus from your voluptuous hips and your sexy big butts to your upper body, making your breasts appear fuller and your feminine narrow shoulders wider. As a pear shape you strive for a flat stomach while you also want to emphasize your beautiful curves.

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