What are the qualities every business woman should portray? – Interview with Dominika Kepska, Managing Owner of IGT (Intermedia Global Team, UK-based Marketing and PR Agency).

Plan for success. It is the best way to tackle every week and be on top of everything you need to do.

I had the honor to interview Dominika Kepska, managing owner of Intermedia Global Team. Her digital marketing agency creates an online presence for small and medium businesses. With her result driven attitude she became very successful in her field. Read the interview to find out more.

So what does it take to be a woman entrepreneur?

A great business woman possesses strong ownership of her business, whether good, bad, ugly or exceptionally amazing. You must be willingly to accept the outcome of whatever decision you made in your business. If it is a bad decision, accept it and do not try to pretend it didn’t happen or apportion blames. Pick up the lessons as you trash the mistake.

What’s more you need to be persistent and resilient. According to Albert Einstein in the middle of difficulties lie opportunities. Every business woman must prepare for those windy times that will almost break her to pieces. Don’t be afraid of a challenge, there is a reason that you have got to the point you are at, and it is because you worked for it. Develop a never-give-up spirit that will enable you walk through some tough times and hard punches, because the pride you will feel when you gets those wins will be worth it.

What was the toughest leadership skill for you to learn?

Assertiveness. Definitely.Being assertive is an essential strength to attaining a successful business career. It pays off to adopt a confident manner, deal with any criticism rationally and be calm, cool and considered.

What are the most important habits for a successful business woman?

There are so many, but I’ll share the ones I find absolutely critical.

Start the day with a good mindset. Keep lists. Writing down not only what you need to do, but every idea you have, and things that inspire you, will help you develop and grow and bring fresh ideas to your work.

Plan for success. It is the best way to tackle every week and be on top of everything you need to do. Successful businesswomen also know exactly what to do when things don’t go according to plan, so plan for the worst possible outcome too. That way, nothing is a surprise and you’re always on top.

What advice would you give to women in business? 

Think Big. Meaningful change only happens when no one sees it coming, except you.

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