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Everyone deserves a bit of paradise now and then! But what is your definition of paradise when it comes to a holiday? Is it the flashy hotels, or is it the culture you’ll be immersing yourself into? Whatever your idea of paradise is, you should go and grab the chance to live it whilst you’re can. Travelling is one of the best things you’ll ever do in your life. If you don’t do it a little luxuriously at some point, then you’re definitely not doing it right. Some people might prefer the traditional camping holidays, or maybe not even travelling at all. But if you know you don’t fall into either of those categories, then take a read of to see how you can create your own paradise holiday.


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One of the true areas that you can say is the definition of paradise is Bora Bora. It is one of the islands of Tahiti. If you think of Bora Bora, your mind should flick to the crystal blue waters with the gorgeous huts that are spread out in them. The beautiful white sand beaches create the perfect paradise for relaxation. Bora Bora is mainly a relaxing holiday, although there are a few excursions if you wish to go and do so. Most of the resorts there are 5*, so you will definitely be in for a treat when it comes to service and fine dining. It is however, rather expensive. But if you have the means to do so, a taste of paradise definitely would come from Bora Bora. You can also visit multiple islands with chicluxurycruises.com for an incredible cruise holiday!

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Miami is a whole different type of paradise compared to Bora Bora. It is a paradise of good vibes and fun things to do. If you’ve never been to Miami, you’re in for a real treat. It’s a little bit cheaper than Bora Bora, but if you want to go all out paradise style, you should definitely try and rent a beach house on the Miami beach sea front. Waking up to the sun rising, or going to bed watching it set will create magical moments. Most of Miami is full of expensive shops and celebrities roaming around, so have your camera ready for a quick snap. A lot of Miami is cuban themed, so they vibe there is always full of happiness and good times. Some of the architecture is art deco themed as well, so the sights will be pretty amazing to look at. If you’re wanting to push the boat out a little more (pardon the pun) then you should look at the yacht rental in Miami. You can spend a day or two out on the ocean, catching the rays and having a good time. There’s that many things to do in Miami, you’ll never be bored!

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Petit St Vincent in the Caribbean has long been known as one of the paradise islands. For good reason as well. As soon as you step off the plane you’re immersed into an amazing culture, and true paradise. It truly is the definition of luxury and is a firm favourite among honeymooners. A lot of cruise liners stop here on their travels, so if you grab the chance to go on one, you definitely should as you’d stop at a range of the Caribbean islands. The total distance on the island is only 40 miles, so you’ll definitely have that secluded paradise feeling. Again, a lot of the hotels on the islands are 5* luxurious retreats that will truly leave you feeling refreshed. Like with Bora Bora, there isn’t as much to do compared to more commercialised areas like Miami. But paradise to most people is relaxing with a cocktail on the beach with hardly anyone around them.


So, from the relaxing paradise to more of an action packed one again. Las Vegas. How is that paradise you ask? Well to a lot of people out there it is. It’s full of fun things to do such as the stratosphere ride, or the numerous drinking and eating places you could visit. If you take a trip to Las Vegas you wouldn’t want to stay longer than a week as the vibe there is so crazy. But if you do visit, you’ll never fall short of things to do. The hotels there are fabulous as well. Most of them are 4* or 5*, but they’re so huge and offer some of the best views. Walking down the strip late at night will offer you sites you’ll never have seen before, and you’ll definitely make memories for life here.

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