What to wear with coral pendants

coral pendants

Coral pendants

Underwater world gives us many beautiful and incredible things. One of its miracles is coral – freeze skeletons of millions of tiny organisms of unbelievable forms. Jewelry with corals have always been loved and appreciated by people.

Magic of coral

Coral is not just a mineral which is used in silver pendants and other jewelry; it is a talisman that has power to affect people’s destinies. It is said that coral can protect its owner from bad luck – the evil eye, sickness, bad emotions and other things that can influence human’s health. Coral is a salvation for people who easily get stressed. It can cure depression, chase away nightmares and clear melancholic thoughts.

Some people believe that white coral strengthens feminine and the red one makes women more aggressive and pushy. And the most expensive corals are the black ones.

What to wear with coral pendants

There are thousands of variations of coral pendants of different colors so it is easy to match almost any outfit with a coral pendant. Check some of them here.

For those who work in an office and have to follow the dress-code we recommend neutral coral pendants – black or white. It is important though that the coral pendant has unique shape then the jewelry will look stylish but will not attract too much attention.

For those who prefer casual style should look for gray, brown, pale-pink or pearl-colored coral pendants. They perfectly match trousers and shirts, pinafores and dresses and add a little bit of romantic flair to the whole look but don’t seem too fancy.

For those who like to be colorful and chick would like pink and blue coral pendants. Such jewelry will look astonishing at a party or in a night club. But you should keep in mind that coral is quite fragile, so it might not be a good idea to wear it in a crowded place, where it can be accidentally damaged.

Coral pendants are also suitable for special occasions. Whenever the dinner takes place the little black dress and a red coral pendant will make you the star of the event. Passion and modesty, sensuality and pithiness connect together in this elegant outfit, which is never out of fashion.

coral pendants


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