Ways To Avoid Fake or Knockoff Products on Amazon

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Consumers and designer brands have been voicing their concerns about counterfeits on Amazon. Learn ways to avoid fake or knockoff products on Amazon.

Amazon is a great place to find designer products at discounted prices. However, not all products on Amazon are genuine, and some designer products have recently left Amazon because of the prevalence of knockoffs or fake items on the site. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid buying fake or knockoff products on Amazon.

Check the Seller

Before purchasing any product on Amazon, check the seller’s profile. Look at seller reviews. If the seller has a low rating or negative reviews, you should avoid buying from them since it’s possible they are selling knockoff products.

Look in the buy box for “sold by” information. Your safest bet is to buy directly from the brand or manufacturer or from Amazon itself. While there are many legitimate resellers, it’s becoming more difficult to tell the difference between reputable resellers and those that send fake products.

An Amazon Choice badge or available “Fulfilled by Amazon” shipping indicates that Amazon has vetted and approved the seller.

Look for Brand Verification

Some brands will have a verification program that allows them to certify their products are genuine. Look for this when shopping for designer items on Amazon, as it is an extra layer of protection against buying fake or knockoff items.

Read Product Descriptions

Many counterfeits will have descriptions that do not match the original products’ descriptions. Read them carefully to see if there are any discrepancies or signs that the item may be a fake.

Misspellings are a red flag, although even legit product descriptions have typos sometimes. Deceptive product descriptions are one of several things that can get products kicked off Amazon’s marketplace, so if you are suspicious, ask Amazon to investigate.

Beware of Fake Reviews

Some sellers will use fake reviews to make their products seem legitimate. Check the review section of a seller’s page to see if it contains overly positive reviews that appear too good to be true. Amazon has recently busted three “review farms” that supplied fake glowing reviews for a price. If you see several 5-star reviews all posted within a few days of each other, you may be looking at fake reviews that were bought.

Check the Price

If an item is selling at a price significantly lower than what you would find elsewhere, be cautious. This could be a sign that the item is fake or a knockoff and a deal that’s too good to be true.

Conversely, fake items sometimes have lofty prices to convince consumers that the knockoffs they sell are the real thing. Don’t be fooled by the price: investigate the seller and consult the brand’s website for help spotting fake products.

Filter for Products Sold by Amazon

When shopping for designer items, it is best to purchase products that are “Fulfilled by Amazon” or sold directly from the brand or manufacturer. This ensures you are buying an authentic product from a verified seller.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from buying fake or knockoff products on Amazon. Be sure to check the product descriptions before purchasing anything on the site so you don’t end up wasting money on a counterfeit item.

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