Wait till you see the first robot hotel located in Japan

robot hotel

“The dinosaur receptionist at the front desk informs customers which button to push for their need: If you want to check in, push one, the dinosaur informs in the robot hotel.”

Will robots take over in the future? Can they do a better job than humans? One hotel located in Japan seems to believe that robots and artificial intelligence are the most efficient way to staff the location. It’s the worlds first robot hotel! From check out receptionist to baggage handling to personal storage Henn na Hotel (meaning ‘Strange Hotel’) in Nagasaki Japan is almost totally operated by robots.


Friendly dinosaur at the front desk

The dinosaur receptionist at the front desk informs customers which button to push for their need. “If you want to check in, push one” the dinosaur informs. A mobile cart style robot then takes the customers’ luggage and guides them to the room they have selected on the control panel or using the voice recognition system.  The hotel even has facial recognition for customers who need a replacement key, since the dinosaur can’t grab a new key. The Henn na Hotel does employ humans for task that they can’t trust the robots to handle.  Rooms start a 20,000 per night ( $160).

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robot hotel

A robotic arm stores luggage for you

So what is the Henn na Hotel showing us? It definitely stands out and would be fun to visit! The question is are robotics more efficient than human personnel?

This is obviously a labor cost saving over time when choosing artificial intelligence over human personnel, but what other benefits? Artificial intelligence also cuts down on management task. It eliminates the need for business operations related to personnel management and personnel needs. Maybe we will see more robot hotels in the future! Let me know what you think of this and if you would love to bring a visit to the robot hotel.



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