Unique Features of BAK MX4 Tonneau Covers

The BAK Industries MX4 tonneau cover is one of the best truck bed covers on the market. It has earned the trust and respect of many truck owners because it is so reliable and easy to use. In addition to being an all-around well-made cover, the MX4 has some attractive features that not many other folding covers have.

Dual-Action Seal

The dual-action seal at the tailgate helps to keep the weather out without preventing you from using your tailgate. It is a locking seal that provides excellent protection. However, you do not need to open the cover to work the tailgate (a drawback of many tonneau covers). Therefore, you can use the cover with fewer sacrifices.

This feature alone helps to place the MX4 among the best tonneau covers. People who like to have quick access to their truck beds will love it.

Clamp-Based Installation

Many tonneau covers require drilling or overly complex installation processes. Conversely, the MX4 has a series of clamps that hold the rails in place. These are easy to use. Despite the slightly intimidating 20 steps in the instruction manual, you can get the whole process done in a surprisingly short amount of time.

There will be no damage to your truck from installing the cover. Plus, you can easily adjust it to get the seal just right. Overall, this is a very easy cover to work with.

100% Access Design

One of the drawbacks of many tonneau cover designs is that they tend to obstruct the bed. This is especially true for hard-folding covers. However, the MX4 has a clever design that allows it to be fully folded up against the cab of the truck. Therefore, you can use the entire length of the bed with no obstruction.

This is extremely valuable if you ever want to get something large into the vehicle. With some other designs, you would have to remove the tonneau cover just to put a couch in the back, for example. Fortunately, the MX4 helps you avoid this extra hassle.

High-Density Foam Cores

The MX4 is constructed out of an aluminum shell around high-density foam cores. These are 5/8-inch thick. This construction makes the MX4 very strong but also very light. So, you can operate the tonneau cover without working up a sweat. Some covers feature much lighter-weight designs or heavy steel.

According to BAK Industries, the MX4 can handle up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. So, if you live in an area with a lot of snow, having the MX4 could help to ensure that you won’t discover any damage one morning from a heavy snowfall. Overall, this is a really well-made cover.

Learn More Today

With the above features in mind, you may be wondering where you can get the BAKFlip MX4 best price. The good news is that there are a number of retails that sell this item. You can go online to websites such as 4 Wheel Parts. Alternatively, some stores carry them. However, keep in mind that you have to order the right model for your specific truck. Find your MX4 today.

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