The ultimate Abu Dhabi travel guide

Abu Dhabi travel guide, Sheikh Zayed Mosque

United Arab Emirates capital city has a long history and astonishing architecture that attracted tourists for decades. Here is the ultimate Abu Dhabi travel guide for everyone who would like to experience this wonderful city to the fullest. Here we go!

  1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

What better place to start exploring the city of Abu Dhabi travel guide and experience this foreign culture, than Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a marvelous, the largest mosque in the whole country. This beautiful white building looks almost like from a fairy tale. Its minarets are over 100 meters tall and it has 82 domes made of white marble, which all makes it hard not to fall in love with this architectural masterpiece.

  1. Ferrari World

For fun lovers who are very much into theme parks, what better place to start an Abu Dhabi adventure than a theme park which odes adrenaline and excitement. The name Ferrari says it all. Just like the car, this theme park offers rides that are fast and exciting and is definitely a place both tourists and locals adore.

  1. Emirates Palace

This is for sure one of the buildings everyone has seen at least once on tv or the internet. The famous, glorious and uber-luxurious – Emirates Palace. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, this 5-star hotel which offers pure luxury in 302 superior rooms is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city and probably the whole country and is a must to experience, at least from the distance.

abu dhabi travel guide

  1. Qasr al-Hosn

Besides wonderful modern, luxurious architecture, the city of Abu Dhabi has more to offer, and that more means something that represents long history of the country – a Qasr al-Hosn fort. The oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi, and a home of emirates ruling Al Nahyan family, this building is a must on any places to visit list.

  1. Marina Mall

Hold on, shopping lovers. There is something for you in the store as well. Marina Mall is a shopping mall Is definitely worthy of your precious time. Besides diversity of shops, it offers restaurants, fun and enjoyment only top rated malls in the world offer.

Abu Dhabi travel guide


  1. Capital Gate

If you think Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most lopsided building in the world, you are wrong, as this United Arab Emirates capital prides itself with the most lopsided building in the world, Capital Gate. This modern structure is inclined at whole 18 degrees and is a modern jewel of the city worth every experience. It had to be included in the Abu Dhabi travel guide.

abu dhabi travel guide


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