Top 5 Hair Removal Methods for Women

removing body hair

Removing body hair is a part of life for every woman, except for those who have chosen the expensive route of permanent hair reduction via laser or electrolysis. The majority of women, however, still rely on other, affordable methods of removing pesky body hair—such as waxing, threading, shaving, plucking, epilation, depilation creams, and so forth.

Each hair-removal technique has its pros and cons—the key is to find the right one that fits well with your lifestyle, your pain threshold, and your budget.

Here are the five most popular ways of removing body hair that continue to be popular with women globally.


Waxing is an effective hair-removal technique that removes hair from the root. The procedure is somewhat messy as you first need to melt the wax, apply warm wax carefully to the skin, and pull it off using a paper or cloth strip. Not everyone can do all this on their own, and that is why waxing is best done at a salon.

Certain new-age waxing products, such as chocolate wax, are said to cause much less pain compared to traditional wax. The problem with waxing is that it also removes the uppermost layer of the skin, leaving it prone to redness or rashes.


Using a razor to remove unwanted hair is perhaps the most time-saving and easiest method, and it is also the cheapest. These days they make women’s shaving razors, too, specially designed to leave the skin soft and moisturized with each stroke.

However, many women end up cutting themselves inadvertently while shaving, and the hair grows back too quickly, because razor blades don’t remove hair from the roots.


Used for plucking excess hair around the eyebrows to give them shape, threading involves using a fine thread to grab a few hairs and pull them out at the follicle level. Threading is an effective way to remove hair from brows and the upper lip.

If you have dense growth on the upper lip area, opt for waxing as it cleans the entire area in a couple of strokes, thus causing much less pain.


Epilators are electronic hair-removal devices that work much like tweezers—only, they take out several hairs with each pass. While some women find epilation painful, epilators can be used anywhere and anytime. Also, waterproof, battery-powered models can be conveniently used in the shower.

For a safe and hassle-free hair-removal experience, we recommend that you invest in only the best hair removal tools. This is one area where no woman should compromise on comfort and quality.

Depilatory creams and gels

The cream or gel is applied to the skin and left on for about five to ten minutes. The chemicals in the product break down the keratin in the hair, after which you can remove the weakened hair using wet wipes or simply wash it off. Depilatories are useful when you have the time, space and patience to apply them.

Whichever hair-removal tool you use, do make sure that it is safe and hygienic and does not leave your skin prone to bacterial infections.

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