Top 4 favorite necklaces from Madison Ashley USA

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I’ve always been amazed how subtle jewelry can enhance your look. Jewelry is a glittering feast for the eyes. They are the perfect accessory to wear with your most beautiful clothing. One of my favorite jewelry brands that is modest and bold at the same time is They have a large collection with different types of jewelry.

You will find elegant jewelry to wear with any outfit. No matter if you go to a party, wedding or just a normal day at the office. Madision jewelry can be worn on so many different types of occasions. How do you choose a new jewel?Take a good look at your wardrobe, the fabrics and colors and adjust your jewelry accordingly.

Don’t buy something just because it’s popular get a jewelry pieces because you love it. Choose a piece that suits you well and that you can wear at different occasions. I made a top 4 of my favorite timeless jewelry pieces. Which one is your favorite?

1) Blue Fire Opal heart shaped stone with Swarovski inspired crystal wing design. Get it here.

2) Infinite heart pendant. Blue Fire Opal stone detailing, Sterling Silver design. Get it here.

3) Island breeze pendant with Blue Fire Opal Stone detailing and Sterling Silver Plated. Get it here.

4) Double moon pendant with Blue Fire Opal Stone and Sterling Silver. Get it here.

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