Top 3 Luxury Events For Jetset Girls

luxury events

You are probably getting caught between the saloon and on the red carpet lately. We consider that as part of our busy work schedules. Now it’s time to take a trip and explore what the world has to offer. Amid your trip, there are several luxury events for jetset girls that you have to check in. After all making money is a part of the game, right?

Cannes Film Festival

If you love films, then this is the place to be. Every year around May, the organizers hold this event in Cannes, France, hence the name. Here you’ll get a live preview of all the new and upcoming films. And they are not just about films, they also show case documentaries. The best part is that you get to socialize with the film stars and the producers. In addition, you get an exclusive photo session at the end of the event with your favorite stars.

luxury events, Cannes film festival

Monaco Grand Prix

If you love shopping (who doesn’t?), Monaco Grand Prix is the place to be. All the luxury brands get displayed under one roof. At least you are sure to buy legit stuff and not cheap Chinese imitates. In addition, there is a grand auto show for showcasing the latest machines. Watch out for the annual event date. It’s much fun when you visit during the official show dates. Don’t bother getting a hotel away from Monaco Grand Prix. There are lovely hotels there which serve international cuisine and offer 5-star accommodation.

luxury events, monaco grand prix


Art Fair

If you love art, a visit to the annual art fair in London will be worth your time. You’ll be treated to the finest art masterpieces the world has to offer. The beauty is that you can get antique collections as well as modern day art. In other words, there is something for everyone. You also get to meet the artists behind these collections in the award event, which takes place on the last day of the art fair. Thousands of people come to this event, therefore, you should be able to mingle and find company easily. London is rich in luxurious hotels, so your accommodation and meals will be well taken care of.

luxury events

Bottom Line

Amid all the hustle and bustle of making money and living large in the city, you need to release the explorer in you. The above places are a great start and guaranteed to make you happy. What are you waiting for? Book the next flight to Monaco Grand Prix and indulge in the luxury events for jetset girls like you.

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