Tips to wear the correct shapewear to get an hourglass figure

Do you also have questions about shapewear? Can that belly be flatter with a correction lip? Is it unhealthy? What are the pros and cons? Does it really work, and how? I try to answer all your questions or get information in the store.

Why should I wear shapewear?

You read it everywhere, everyone does it, but why should you? Really not only if you are overweight. It’s more to be able to wear that nice dress without rolling in the wrong places, for example. Or annoying edges that you see everywhere. Shapewear wholesale simply pulls everything tight and smooth. It pushes your fat towards the buttocks or breasts. That is a nicer place than around your waist. It can give you that extra boost for that party you were unsure about. Shapewear can also provide support and shape your body.

Shapewear, or corrective underwear, is particularly known for making your body look more streamlined in a nice dress or tighter clothing. But did you know that shapewear has even more advantages? It can also apply as a figure correction for your buttocks, hips, thighs, buttocks and even your stomach.

Benefits of shapewear

With a neoprene waist trainer you immediately look a few pounds lighter and a lot tighter. Yes, shapewear really flatters your stomach. It is good for your self-confidence. You can go just a little tighter and more streamlined to that party, or that family photo that you already dread. Clothing simply falls nicer. Especially tight clothes look a bit nicer on your body.

Get the correct size shapewear

Shapewear that is too tight is neither healthy nor fit. Shapewear that is too tight can cause health problems. It is very important that you wear the correct size. By the way, this is not only the case with shapewear. Skinny jeans or other tight clothing can also pinch nerves.

Shapewear is very handy because it helps against chafing thighs and makes your figure come out just a bit better in that beautiful dress. For example, I sometimes suffer from a slightly bloated stomach, but I don’t have a real belly of my own. That is more due to the food or something like that.

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