Tips to Earn and Make the Most of Hotel Loyalty Rewards?

Hotel loyalty rewards and memberships were only available from a luxury hotel in the past. These rewards were considered more of a status symbol than anything else. However, today, even the most budget-friendly hospitality industry businesses offer hotel loyalty rewards and other benefits to customers. 

You can even subscribe to annual memberships that allow you to book and enjoy hotel stays at very nominal rates. However, travelers must know the best strategies and practices to use travel rewards to their advantage. If you don’t have access to any hotel loyalty benefits, explore a hotel booking website today to learn more about these programs.

Choose a Program that Suits Your Needs

The first practical step is to choose a program that suits all your travel requirements. The program should offer a range of benefits, including an improved guest experience. Hotel loyalty programs give you access to hotel amenities and other benefits that regular hotel guests may not have access to. 

Go through the benefits available in detail to determine if they are right for you. For example, if you are a health and fitness junkie, a loyalty program that gives you free gym access or diet-friendly menus at minimal rates (or free) is an excellent benefit. 

Similarly, access to in-house kid clubs and other child-friendly facilities can be of excellent help if you have kids. This way, you can minimize additional childcare costs, food, and fitness activities during your travels.

Check if You Get Discounted Room Rates

People join hotel loyalty programs and other travel rewards programs because these arrangements give them access to lower hotel booking rates. So before you join any loyalty program, check if it gives you access to discounted room rates. 

Accommodation costs account for around 46% of total travel costs. So you can use these reward points to minimize your travel costs considerably. Some hotels even allow customers to book free rooms in all their branches if they are loyal members.  

It’s also vital to choose loyalty programs that allow you to make free booking cancellations. 

Choose a Hotel with A Global Presence

Choose programs from hotels that have branches across the country or the globe. This way, you will save money on international travel costs. You may have to pay a deposit or a yearly subscription fee to access these unique benefits, so remember to ask about that well in advance.

Look for In-Room Benefits

If the program comes with access to free food and drinks, you can minimize your travel costs by up to 35%. You may also get late check-out benefits and other attractive rewards like free culinary classes or guided tours.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Check out reviews and ratings of the hotel or resort and the hotel loyalty program before joining. Choose a top-rated loyalty program that customers across the country trust and enjoy.

Hotel loyalty programs help minimize the costs and efforts involved in travel. You can earn and enjoy points and even enjoy an elite guest status by joining one of these programs. Compare different programs using hotel booking websites.

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