Tips on hosting a caviar tasting party

caviar tasting party

A caviar tasting party is considered one of the ultimate food indulgences. It always gets attention, garnering the ‘aahs and ‘oohs’ from people.

Traditional caviar

Did you know a fish produces eggs known as roe? Caviar is, therefore, a type of roe, most famously known as the sturgeon. The real traditional caviar comes from four types of sturgeon: Sevruga, Beluga, Osetra, or Sterlet. The affordable caviar is made from Salmon, which is the American paddlefish.

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Tips on hosting a caviar tasting party

  • Plan in advance with variety and volume
  • The accoutrements should be ready
  • Caviar should be the highlight of the show
  • Serve the caviar when cold and use serving sets made of glass material in specific

Caviar is like wine since people will look for varieties that are rare and reserved. It also gets better with age, so the older, larger egg makes good caviar for a tasting party.

Plan in advance with variety and volume

Plan your party in advance to have time to explore a wide range of various roes and ingredients you will require. You could get good deals on these products.

The accoutrements should be ready.

Planning in advance will give you time to get your accoutrements ready. Serve it with mini Russian pancakes, buttered bread, veggies, potatoes, beverages, among others.

Caviar should be the highlight of the show

It should be presented and served in a way that overshadows all the other items served with it. Put your caviar in glamourous containers. You can also pair with a wine for example Sparkling Rose with Beluga, Osetra Caviar.

When the time to taste is here, call everyone into action.

Serve the caviar when cold and Use serving sets made of glass or pearl material

Caviar should be served when cold to experience its natural taste. It should also be served with pieces made of glass or it is preferable to use the mother of pearl plate, spoons and forks. That is because metallic material will make the caviar absorb its taste and lose its natural taste.

Pro Tip: caviar should be tasted like wine. Hold the spoon close to your nose, inhale the aroma then put it in your mouth. Turn the spoon upside down to make the beads get into contact with your tongue. Extract the full flavour and aroma from the caviar and enjoy.

caviar tasting party

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