Tips for Dressing Your Absolute Best on Easter Sunday

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Your favorite springtime holiday is around the corner, and you probably have a gazillion ideas as to what you’d be wearing for this special day.

Easter is super special. There are so many memorable activities to do throughout the day. Most people generally start with a morning at church, followed by a fun brunch with family and friends, and of course the adventure-packed Easter egg hunts!

Given the many fun activities rounded up for the day, the style vibe typically screams dressy dresses, chic tops, and casual pants! Because Easter exudes spring aesthetics, it’s only natural to dress in pastel or neutral hues, and tons of fun floral patterns! Remember, though, the first rule of dressing for Easter Sunday is to wear outfits that are ultra-comfortable. The goal is to enjoy the day, not spend most of your time managing your dress. Here’s a comprehensive guide to putting together a great Easter Sunday outfit!

What to Consider Before Finalizing Your Easter Outfit

A great way to start shopping for Easter would be to consider the activities you have planned for the day. From church service to brunch with family to the children’s Easter egg hunt – think about where these activities will unfold. Knowing the location of events will help you make the best attire picks. That said, here’s what to consider when shopping for Easter:

Formality of the Dress

Most churches require men, women, and children to wear formal outfits. If you’re unsure about what to wear to the event, don’t hesitate to request details on the dress code from the church office. Knowing your church’s specific dress code will ensure you don’t underdress or overdress.

How Casual Should It Be

Modesty is of absolute importance when it comes to attending church on Easter. You can consider your Easter outfit as an enhanced version of your Sunday church attire. It should stray closer to normal church attire than it does towards a cheap evening gown. Some great outfit choices would be jumpsuits, midi dresses, cocktail frocks, and maxi dresses. If you think your shoulder straps could use some coverage, go for a chic cardigan or a blazer for layering.


The hues of your Easter outfit should scream “spring” and “new beginnings.” So, harness the beauty of springtime hues like pastels, citrus shades, pink, green, and purple. You can go for solids, patterns, or prints. Florals will be your biggest style saviors. So don’t hesitate to pick those fruity prints. Or, you can go for those dainty (or large) floral patterns for a fresh and chic springtime vibe.

Stay away from dark and somber colors like dark browns, greys, and blacks. To take your outfit up a notch, head straight in the direction of pearl necklaces. If you’re not a fan of bright colors, stick to whites and enhance the overall look with a statement piece of jewelry.

Patterns, Patterns, and Patterns!

Patterns and prints are perhaps the best options to look your absolute best on Easter day. When flaunting florals though, be sure to keep your accessories super simple to avoid any clashes between your outfit and jewelry.

Some Ideas to Get You Going

Now that you know what considerations to make when picking your Easter outfit, here are some ideas to help you snag the best piece:

Patterned and Chic Dresses

Chic, patterned dresses are all the rage for this year’s Easter style. If you’re looking for a unique style, go for a wrap-around dress. If you’re a minimalist, pick a cute tie midi skirt and match it with a white lace top. If you’re hopelessly in love with black, you can still pair it with other cool colors – for instance, a patterned black and dark green dress will blend right in for the day. Finally, if you’re a fan of the classics, don’t think twice before picking that all-white chiffon dress, pair it with some gold jewelry and complete the outfit with a cute neutral-hued bag.

Casual, Semi-Casual, and Formal Dresses

If you’ve decided to go casual this easter, opt for white jeans and team it with a polished top (or chic cardigan). Finish off the outfit with a pair of simple sandals. Or pick a whimsical two-piece set with bright florals and matching shoes.

If you’re looking for a dressier option, a semi-casual outfit would be perfect for you. Go for cute cotton dresses or pick a flowy midi skirt to look gorgeous in. Finish off the attire with a pair of loafers, low heels, or ballet flats.

If you’re looking for a more formal and polished look, two-piece suits in pastels and tea-length dresses with floral patterns would be great picks!

How to Accessorize for the Event?

Your accessories are just as important as your outfit for Easter day. In fact, you can even use accessories to transform your look as you hop from one activity to another. Switching the jewelry or shoes is the easiest way to breathe an all-new look into your outfit. When it comes to jewelry, pearls are hands-down the best choice for outfits in pastel hues and floral patterns. All you have to do is match the color of your pearls with that of your dress. Regardless of whether you’re wearing heels or flats, always go for nude shades to balance the prints on your outfit.

What to Avoid

What not to wear on Easter, you ask? For starters, clothes that show a lot of skin are a big no-no. Try avoiding outfits that feature extensive writing or loud colors. The main theme of easter outfits is colors that exude calmness and springtime happiness! Finally, always prioritize comfort. Say no to outfits that are too tight. Swap those high heels for flats post your Easter Sunday mass or simply wear a comfy pair of shoes from the very beginning!

Over to You, Diva!

There you have it – the ultimate mini-guide to looking gorgeous on Easter Sunday. Although putting together the perfect outfit may feel daunting, know that it’s just a matter of a few small steps and a great taste in style!

Remember the mantra: soft hues, chic florals, modest outfits, comfy shoes in neutral colors, and some timeless, lovely pearls are all you need to ace this stylish Spring holiday. Aside from this, remember to factor in the activities you’re going to be doing throughout the day!

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